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Rob Lowe Surprises Son With 5-Year​ Chip On 'Drew Barrymore' In Emotional Clip

Lowe and his son John Owen currently star as father and son in the new Netflix comedy series 'Unstable.'

Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe on the "Drew Barrymore Show"
Drew Barrymore Show

An incredibly touching moment happened between Rob Lowe and his son, John Owen Lowe, during their recent appearance on The Drew Barrymore Show.

Rob and John Owen Lowe were on the show to talk about their new Netflix comedy show Unstable

Barrymore doesn't shy away from difficult topics on her show and is quite open about her own sobriety.

She brought up the subject of recovery and how much she appreciated how supportive the Lowes are of each other's recovery journeys.

"You guys are an incredible family unit that support each other through every high and low. Everything."

Rob Lowe responded:

"Well, we do, and to be able to share recovery—y'know, you're in recovery, I'm in recovery."
"Got 33 years in recovery. Changed our lives."
"Johnny's got 5 years, and in fact Johnny's 5 year birthday [recovery anniversary] was on Saturday."

He leaned forward and reached into his pocket to pull out a small drawstring bag.

"Johnny, I want to give you your 5 year chip."
"I love you, I'm proud of you."

John Owen accepted the chip and hugged his father.

"I'm speechless."
"I usually have a witty retort, but I don't have one for that. That was very nice of you."

Barrymore was touched by the display of love and celebration.

"That's the best response ever! I can't do the show because I'm smiling too hard."
"Rob, I think you're going to have to take us out again."

John Owen asked:

"Should we like get on the floor and roll around for a second before?"

Barrymore moved to get on the floor and replied:

"That's what we do here, please."

Rob Lowe initially stayed in his chair and said "I'm watching," but soon laughingly joined the pair on the floor for the outro to commercial break.

You can watch the touching moment here:

Barrymore wasn't the only one touched by the moment.

John Owen Lowe opened up to People last month about how thankful he is for his supportive family.

"To be completely honest and serious about it, I'm eternally grateful to have supportive parents who were there for me in a moment when I needed help."
"And I know a lot of people don't have that. And that makes me sad and also very grateful that I did, and I'll forever be grateful for that."


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