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A Bunch Of Right-Wingers Were Just Tricked Into Thanking Satan For Supporting Trump

A Bunch Of Right-Wingers Were Just Tricked Into Thanking Satan For Supporting Trump

Multiple famously pro-Trump pundits were just seriously duped. As in, they filmed themselves thanking Satan for supporting Trump, duped.

Among those who were the butt of the flawlessly executed prank were Fox News' Tomi Lahren, ex-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, Arizone Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and right-wing radio host Sebastian Gorka.

They all filmed themselves thanking someone named "Iblis" for their unwavering support of Donald Trump's presidency and reelection.

And all of them apparently did not take the time to do a quick Google search. If they had, they'd have learned that "Iblis" is a figure in the Quran that most closely resembles the figure of Satan in Christian traditions.

Be sure to bear that in mind as you watch all four of them sing their praises.

The prank was engineered by comedian and writer Ali-Asghar Abedi, who used the app Cameo, which allows users to pay celebrities to record personalized messages.

He told the Huffington Post that he paid Lahren and Lewandowski $80 each, gave Arapaio $30, and planned to give Gorka $45 but didn't actually have to because Gorka missed his deadline.

That's $190 to make total fools of some of the most prominent pro-Trump voices of the last few years.

Abedi told the Huffington Post just how easy it was to pull off the rouse:

"They're grifters who are stunningly ignorant and have no curiosity."
"I left clues for them. I told them that Iblis was Arab American. If they had a sense of the world beyond MAGA, they'd research what Iblis means in an Arab context."
"I guess they're true adherents to capitalism, placing money ahead of their own dignity."

Though Abedi did admit to being at least slightly cheeky in his spelling maneuvers.

"I spelled it 'Ebliz' and laid out the pronunciation as 'ibb-lease.' But [I] figured mentioning that Iblis is Arab should have been a cue to vet the request with someone who knows Arabic."

Abedi's Twitter followers were loving the ploy.

With the election only days away, a prank like this doesn't necessarily move the needle. But for many on Twitter it is clearly a satisfying win in the closing days.