Republican Pollster Gets Completely Owned After Trying To Blame A Broken Hotel Elevator On Socialism

ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP/Getty Images // @Popehat/Twitter

Republicans are often the first to decry accessible education and healthcare as "socialism," but in the case of GOP consultant Frank Luntz, it backfired this time.

Luntz was staying in the Hotel Imperial in Austria. The country, though recently ruled by a Right wing government and widely considered capitalist, has public programs like universal healthcare (through the European Union) and accessible college, which certain Americans would deem socialist.

Luntz complained about an elevator in the 200 room hotel which had been broken for three days.

He blamed "European-style socialism" for the repair delay in a tweet.

Luntz, however, didn't realize that the Hotel Imperial is owned by Marriott, a private American icon of capitalism.

People were quick to point this out to Luntz.

Even if the hotel wasn't owned by Marriott, people were still confused as to how Luntz made the leap to elevators being bastions of socialism.

To his credit, Luntz took the roasts with a good sense of humor and provided some stunning pictures along the way.

Fortunately, they didn't feature elevators.

Socialism has become a bit of a buzz word, but what is it? Or, perhaps more importantly, what is NOT socialism?

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