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Republican Counsel Turns Heads After Strolling Into Impeachment Hearings With 'The Fresh Market' Tote Bag


The impeachment of a President is a serious undertaking.

Only twice in the history of the United States has a presidential impeachment gone beyond committee and to a vote by the House of Representatives.

So one expects a certain level of seriousness from all parties involved.

A certain dress code will be maintained with matching accessories. Like documents in file folders or accordion files, bankers boxes and briefcases and The Fresh Market shopping bags.


In the midst of the pomp and circumstance, this happened:

Kudos for having reusable shopping bags, but...

The man in the video is Republican Counsel Steve Castor. And his colorful choice of a shopping bag from The Fresh Market—originally misidentified as that bastion of liberalism Whole Foods—raised eyebrows and questions.

But once the proper market was identified, people focused on other matters.

The impeachment process continues. Whether product placement will be featured in future hearings remains to be seen.