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Gaetz And Other Reps' 'Secret Congressional Codenames' Revealed In Hilarious Bad Lip Reading Video

The spoof channel's take on what was really being said during a recent Congressional roll call has Twitter LOLing.

Twitter screenshot of Matt Gaetz; Twitter screenshot of Chip Roy

The YouTube channel Bad Lip Reading revealed the "secret congressional codenames" for Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz and other GOP members of Congress in a parody video.

The channel's latest video openly mocks members of Congress by intentionally poorly lip-reading their responses during a recent congressional roll call.

You can see the video below.

Gaetz is identified as "Vain Guy," who wants everyone to "see [his] car." Louisiana Republican Representative Mike Johnson—who recently sparred with CNN anchor Jake Tapper over a GOP lie regarding the future of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)—is referred to as "Stank Suit."

And it gets even better from there.Texas Republican Representative Chip Roy is referred to as "Chevy Dude," to which he rather unsurprisingly responds, "Penguins!"

Another is "Sad Euphoria" and yet another is "The Bees Unwashed Knees," a name that was recently "changed," according to the bad lip reading of the roll call by the House tally clerk.

As it turns out, the House tally clerk isn't too fond of another referred to only as "Le Tool," who simply lets out a yowl that can only be described as a strange cross between a cat and a cow.

And at the end, laughing maniacally, is former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who is referred to as "Pink Ghost Thing"—owing to her hot pink suit—and yells out the following phrase:

"I got plenty of guacamole!"

Many people welcomed Bad Lip Reading's latest lampooning of members of Congress—and there appears to be a resounding favorite.

Bad Lip Reading has been adding some levity to all of the madness coming out of Washington since its 2012 debut, amassing more than eight million subscribers in the decade since.

The channel had Twitter users laughing last week after the anonymous producer who runs it published spoof clips of what was being said on the floor of the House of Representatives during the chaos that erupted after far-right Republicans led a rebellion to deny their former Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy the speakership.

McCarthy ultimately won the speakership but only after 15 rounds of votes and making numerous concessions to the far-right faction.