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PHOTO: People Can't Tell What Colors This Dresser Is Painted

PHOTO: People Can't Tell What Colors This Dresser Is Painted

Move over blue and black/white and gold dress, there's a new optical illusion that's causing quite the stir of opinions on Reddit.

It all started about a week ago, when on Redditor posted a picture of a dresser, asking: "What Color Do You See: Pink & White or Blue & Grey?"

Well, to the naked it eye, it kind of looks white and pink, or sort of light green/blue and pink, perhaps, no?

That's what several people seemed to see, at least:

But some other, perhaps, more-astute viewers noted that the white balance appears to be quite off. You can see a white board on top of the dresser that looks particularly pink, which led many to believe that pink and white was the incorrect conclusion:

The evidence for blue and grey suddenly appeared pretty convincing:

A few people were just there to troll, naturally:

And a few peacekeepers wanted nothing more than for the whole debate to end:

(That dress ended up being blue and black, by the way.)

Well, the original poster of the photo settled all the debate by claiming that, yes indeed, the dresser is actually blue and grey:

Even if some people wanted to disagree:

Hopefully that settles that debate.

Now, the other debate was around why those knobs on the dresser are so out-of-whack:

It's clear that our eyes love to deceive us, as was evidenced not just by that infamous black and blue dress, but also by a pair of sneakers a few months ago:

The shoes turned out to actually be pink and white, for what it's worth:


The planet may not be able to withstand another color debate, especially if Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un see different colors. Then we may all be obliterated before we know the true answer.

So, let's just agree to take normal pictures with good lighting and nice white-balancing from now on, shall we?

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H/T: Reddit, Indy100