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Rami Malek Took A Tumble Off The Stage And Was Treated By Paramedics After Winning His Oscar

At the 91st Academy Award, Rami Malek took home acting's highest honor: The Oscar for Best Actor in a Leading Role. The win must have left him a bit dazed, because he shortly thereafter walked straight off the stage.

After the ceremony ended, Malek was walking when suddenly and without warning, he ran out of stage and found himself falling into the seating area.

Fortunately, the moment was captured on roving cameras for posterity's sake.

Malek was immediately looked after by paramedics to make sure he was ok!

Fans hoped Malek's tumble hadn't left any lasting injuries!

Of course, there were also plenty of jokes passed around Twitter.

And, it has to be said, that the video is pretty funny once you know Malek escaped his fall relatively unscathed.

Twitter threw the actor a fair amount of snark!

Others, however, expressed sympathy for what was surely an unlucky break during one of the biggest nights of Malek's life.

Then again, if Malek had simply look down, he probably would have been fine.

Many Twitter users, who have been fans of Malek's since his start with Mr. Robot, are familiar with the actor's tumbling tendencies.

These are the moments Oscar-lovers live for (though they're all glad Malek is ok, of course)!