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QAnon Rep. Throws Tantrum After Agreeing To Pay PAC $10k For Blocking Them On Twitter

QAnon Rep. Throws Tantrum After Agreeing To Pay PAC $10k For Blocking Them On Twitter
Caroline Brehman/CQ-Roll Call, Inc/Getty Images

Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene blocked the Meidas Touch Political Action Committee (PAC) on Twitter. For those unfamiliar with the platform, it kept the lobbying organization from seeing her content.

Greene blocked the PAC after they were critical of her views.

Last month, Meidas Touch—a PAC based in Los Angeles—posted some tweets about Greene. She didn't appreciate their comments, so she blocked the group on Twitter.

Unfortunately for her, a lawsuit against former President Donald Trump put a precedent in place that no U.S. elected officials were allowed to block anyone on Twitter for transparency's sake, no matter the reason for clicking the 'block' button.

Once they discovered Greene had blocked them, Ben Meiselas, co-founder of MeidasTouch, reached out to Greene.

Greene ultimately agreed to restore the group's access to her content by unblocking them on Twitter. She also agreed to donate 10-thousand dollars to the group for the inconvenience she caused.

Meiselas saw this as a big win for their group and transparency for everyone of their elected officials.

"This was a swift and impactful resolution we are proud of."

The PAC also posted an update about the settlement on Twitter.

The group was particularly pleased to report Greene would not be able to block public users after this incident, which would dramatically improve the public's access to information and transparency for all.

But they were also pleased to report how they would be using Greene's funds. They would be donating the money to two key organizations fighting for common-sense gun reform, which Greene is pointedly against.

Greene was very unhappy to see this and wound up throwing a total tantrum over it.

Greene stressed:

"Because of this PAC's frivolous lawsuit against me, I'm not allowed to block people that threaten my life and my children's lives every single day on social media."
"They are bragging about donating the money to organizations that want to take away my guns, so I couldn't defend myself and my children, when people show up to murder us like they threaten."
"This PAC is celebrating that a woman (me) can't block people that want to kill me and my kids."

Viewers were critical of Greene's concerns.

Some argued against her use of the word "frivolous."

Some questioned the authenticity of Greene's evidence of threats.

Others questioned what good she's done in Congress.

Some brought up Greene's history of filming herself stalking and threatening people.

Greene is a proponent of multiple conspiracy theories, anti-LGBTQ+ and pro-gun.

Though it's surely unsettling for Greene to watch money that was previously hers being put toward a cause she does not believe in, she should learn to have constructive conversations about issues, rather than attacking people, spreading misinformation and throwing tantrums.