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Someone Found A Prosthetic Ear On The Beach After The World's Strongest Man Competition, And It Was Just Reunited With Its Owner

NOEL CELIS / Contributor Getty Images, Melissa Rae Green/Facebook

The sea dragged something particularly different to the beach during a World's Strongest Man competition. A prosthetic ear was found on a beach in Florida during the competition.

The ear was found by a resident on Anna Maria Island near Tampa after a World's Strongest Man competition had been hosted there on Saturday.

Holmes Beach Police Department posted on Facebook a picture of the ear. And, several people spread the post in hopes of finding its rightful owner. And, spreading a few puns and jokes since admittedly it is something particular to find on a beach.

“Have you lost an ear? This prosthetic ear was found at the Manatee public beach. Please contact us if you know the owner," the post read.

And that appears to have done the trick, after police posted an update to say the owner had been located.

People were happy to hear that the owner fond their ear through a friend sharing the post. Particularly since prosthetic ears can cost between $4,000 to $7,000 dollars.

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