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Woman Allegedly Beat Her Ex-Boyfriend With His Own Prosthetic Leg After He Said He Wanted To Break Up

Woman Allegedly Beat Her Ex-Boyfriend With His Own Prosthetic Leg After He Said He Wanted To Break Up
Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office

Breaking up is already pretty painful, but it got even worse for a New Orleans-area man when his spurned ex beat him with his own prosthetic leg.

Louisiana authorities arrested 58-year-old Marrero resident Michelle Jackson April 10th for aggravated battery after she allegedly beat her ex-boyfriend with his prosthetic leg after he tried to break up with her back in February.

On Feb 11, Jackson and her then boyfriend were reportedly drinking at her Marrero home when he told Jackson he wanted to end their six-year off-and-on relationship to see someone else.

According to authorities, the man went to sleep unharmed around 11 p.m. in one of Jackson's bedrooms. Two hours later, when he was awoken by a relative of Jackson. he was covered in blood and had a large injury on his head.

Investigators say Jackson left her home before police arrived, thinking that she had killed ex. Jackson reportedly admitted to a relative later that she had "flipped" and beat her ex with with his own prosthetic right leg.

She also admitted to stabbing her ex but police found no knife injuries, according to Capt. Jason Rivarde, a spokesman for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office.

Jackson was arrested in her home Wednesday April 10. by U.S. Marshals who took her to Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. She was charged without bond for aggravated battery.

Sure, breaking up is hard to do, but people on Twitter didn't quite know how to react to this one.

Some felt bad for laughing at the bizarre story, though that didn't seem to stop them.

Others however couldn't help adding insult to injury, but the jokes practically wrote themselves.

The moral of the story? You might want to consider not sticking around after you dump someone. Or at least removing anything sharp or heavy from the vicinity.