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Professionals Share Corporate Secrets About Places They Don't Work At Anymore

"Reddit user No-Affect1343 asked: 'What is a corporate secret you can now safely tell bc you don't work there anymore?'"

Two women pour over a computer screen

Once people leave a place of work... ALL BETS ARE OFF!!

The secrets run wild and the truth will out.

Even with an NDA, people SPILL!

As they should if there is tea to scold others with.

What people need from the business world is the truth.

I want to hear it all.

Secrets are a prison.

Release the truth!

Redditor No-Affect1343 wanted to hear all about the corporate secrets, so they asked:

"What is a corporate secret you can now safely tell bc you don't work there anymore?"

Power Off

"If you have a medical device that uses electricity, you can send your prescription to the electric company and they can’t legally ever turn your electricity off.

"And since multiple people take everything completely literally here. I’m referring to if you don’t pay your bill they can’t legally turn you off. I’m by no means referring to maintenance, fire protection, or power outages. Idk why I need to explain this. Also, Idk if it’ll affect your credit score or anything along those lines."

- davetheweeb


"Rental car companies: the upgrade price is made up on the spot."

- Rounder057

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Looking Perfect

"Used to work at a factory that made US military boots and shoes. Looking perfect was way more important than comfort. Some for the Navy found it hard to get the back height right when sewing/forming the leather, so when the soles went on, they were adjusted to look level. Basically, the sole of a left or right would be much thicker than the other."

"I've seen some off by a half inch/15mm. I constantly brought it up to management, that it was essentially the same as having a piece of 1/2 inch board taped to the bottom of the boot, and would be extremely uncomfortable walking the 20 miles a day like they do. They didn't care as long as it looked good."

- a333482dc7


"Health insurance, dude. When you file a claim, it is often denied because they're counting on you not escalating it. Once you do, your case goes to a 'medical management group,' which ought to be called the 'we don't wanna pay' group."

"Keep escalating and involve your doctor. Fight for the insurance you paid for."

- LuckySunshine3

Free Range

"My aunt worked building chicken houses for large poultry companies. When you pay the extra couple of dollars for free-range eggs, you feel you’re doing the right thing. A lot of these companies have 'free range' chicken houses that leave the doors open. The chickens can come and go as they please. However, the companies install large fans at the doors that make the chickens afraid to leave the chicken houses, forcing them to stay inside. The whole free range thing is ultimately bulls**t."

- GobbleGobbleSon

In Storage

"Your 401k money might be held at a large reputable company, but it’s likely managed by a different and much smaller company you’ve never heard of. And maybe that small company’s IT sucks so much that your social security number is stored in raw text on multiple very old and insecure databases."

- Unhappy_Seaweed4095

Iced Out

"There's almost always mold in the ice machine. Both my S.O. and I have worked in many restaurants. You'll live but it's still gross. I always ask for no ice."

- Canis71

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That's Why

"The insurance companies target for you paying on life insurance is about ten years. It's long enough to have made back the commission and expenses plus some profit. After that, they will make it easier and easier for you to forget to pay for it and have it lapse. There will suddenly be an issue with automatic payments... things like that. But why?"

"If the policy has lapsed when you die, there is absolutely no payout despite ten years of premiums. That's why."

- virgilreality

Yes I Can

"The Radisson Hotel has a 'Yes I can' policy. If they are capable of doing something for you as a guest and you ask directly, they are supposed to say yes and maintain a positive attitude towards providing you with satisfying services. ALWAYS SHOW UP EARLY FOR CHECK-IN AND ASK FOR AN UPGRADE. This is how I go from $250 a night in a regular room to $250 a night for a jacuzzi suite every time I travel."

- Kathleenannne


"I used to work for a Vegan chocolate bar company in Portland called Honey Mama's. My workers would occasionally find metal shards in our chocolate bars from the mixers grinding the vats and when brought up to management they would force us to keep wrapping and packing so they didn't have to recall the bars."

- Difficult_Ad2078

In the Sector

"Half the IT systems in the oil and gas industry were built in the 70's and 80's and have a handful of consultants that can even touch them. These guys get paid hundreds of thousands a year to be on retainer and sometimes go years without coming in."

"Worked with dozens of companies in the sector and have yet to see a publicly listed one where this isn't the case. At the top they all pretty much use SAP... but there's some wild sh*t underneath that feeds information into SAP from a computer that's lucky if it runs DOS. I've seen floors of personnel dedicated to manually inputting that s**t."

- ModBell

Good Berry

"Oh! I used to work for a big-in-my-region farm company that grew berries as well as bought berries from other farms, they packaged them and sold frozen berries under their own name as well as for Fred Meyer, Trader Joe’s, Albertsons, etc."

"The farms they bought berries from were supposed to get certain checks done before we would accept their fruit (make sure their water source didn’t contain E.coli, test the soil, have people look through the berries to remove bugs, prove their fertilizer and pesticides were approved by my company, etc.) and, at the end of the season, maybe two of the fifty or so farms we bought from had actually done everything."

- cuterus-uterus


"The dirty little secret of Silicon Valley is churn. At peak startup boom, you’d have companies valued at billions of dollars with something like 30% YoY customer retention. This means that enterprises were spending millions of dollars on software licenses that their employees rarely used. In one startup I worked at, an account was considered 'healthy' ( or unlikely to churn) if 5% of seats were utilized at least twice per month."

- DryTown

Mouths Shut

"I worked in advertising for a large publisher. We used to sell digital ads called a fireplace (essentially three ads that surround the page on a desktop screen). The publisher would sell the impressions (how many times someone sees a page/ad) of these ads x3 for each page, instead of them being one-page view."

"When I pointed out that this was fraudulent, I was 'made redundant' with a fat payout as long as I kept my mouth shut. That was at least 5 years ago now, though, so…"

- Cycho-logical

Quick Sale

"Any lab who runs any type of genetic test on you is selling that data in one form or another."

- Cornnole

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I was planning on DNA testing, but now I need to rethink a few things.

And let's not discuss insurance companies; we'll be here all year.

Something is definitely wrong with this picture.

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