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Police Release Footage Of Gender Reveal Celebration Gone Very Wrong To Deter Others From Similar Dangerous Stunts

Nine News Australia/YouTube; @emmettfurrow/Twitter

Some people can remember a time when gender reveals were not a thing.

Now many long for that time again.

What once started as a cute family event morphed into people trying to top each other and create something that would go viral. But more often than not, gender reveals go viral for all the wrong reasons.

This is one of those cases.

Watch news footage of this gender reveal fail.

Gender reveal stunt ends with car engulfed in flames | Nine News Australia

The parents planned an epic burnout in the color blue to reveal they were having a boy, but they got an entirely different form of burnout as the car began to emit a different kind of smoke before bursting into flames.


Then police got involved. The driver was charged with recklessness, fined and lost their license for six months.

Police released the video as a warning.

People were less than sympathetic.

Many commented on the phenomenon of gender reveals.

If you must do a gender reveal, it's OK if it doesn't go viral. If you must aim for online fame, play it safe people.

Gender reveals are not worth your car or your life.

If watching epic fails is your thing, the DVD Epic Fail Compilation is available here.

Witthaya Prasongsin/Getty Images; @JaimePrimak/Twitter

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