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Piers Morgan Slams Vegans For 'Mass Slaughter' Of Bees And Other Insects In Bizarre Rant

Piers Morgan Slams Vegans For 'Mass Slaughter' Of Bees And Other Insects In Bizarre Rant

Bees have never had a bigger ally for their welfare than Piers Morgan.

The latest buzz about Morgan's personal beef with vegans took place during Wednesday's airing of ITV's Good Morning Britain, the talk show in which he serves as co-presenter.

He lashed out against vegans and blamed them for the killing of billions of bees and insects for the sake of commercial farming each year.

"The vegans don't care about the little guys, the bees that get killed. The billions of bees that get killed every year, the billions of insects that get killed in the pollination process, and they don't care."

You can catch his rant in the clip from, here.

Morgan continued to vilify the demographic known for their lifestyle of avoiding the consumption of animal products, as well as the foods processed by them.

"And they don't care about the oysters and they don't care about the scallops, they don't care about any of those little guys."
"They only care about the big animals but these little guys they are animals too. All insects are animals."
"A bee, billions of those little things are killed every year so that these vegans and vegetarians can have their avocados and almonds flown on jets."

The carnivorous presenter believes that eating meat provides for the earth's sustainability, and he also claims that a strict vegan diet "is bad for you."

"If I get discriminated against for being a meat-eater, is that a breach of my ethical beliefs."
"If my belief is eating meat is good for the planet and sustainability - and a strict vegan diet is bad for you - if I was to storm a vegan restaurant and demand meat, would they discriminate against me. Am I allowed to go to court?"

The conservative journalist followed his televised war on vegans and vegetarians online and said the the mass slaughter of billions of bees was on them.

The tweet was attached with a link to an article from The Guardian about how commercial beekeepers sent their hives to California's almond farms only to discover their colonies were wiped out – purportedly as a result of industrial agriculture methods employed in America's thriving almond milk industry – during the winter season.

Those who cannot stand the blustering broadcaster pointed out that his priorities are out of whack.

Twitter acknowledged his hyperbolic rant with sarcasm.

Vegans spoke out in defense, saying they are not entirely to blame.

Honey is a product of bees, which are animals.

However, the topic of whether honey is vegan is constantly debated among vegans and non-vegans, with some arguing that excluding honey from a vegan diet can hurt the movement for veganism by appearing too rigid.

Some vegans who eat a strictly plant-based diet may incorporate honey into their diet, but other vegans choose to avoid it because they see bee farming as no different from dairy farming.

Commercial honey farming has been known to adversely affect the health of bees.

During the colder months, honey provides the bees with essential nutrients – including antioxidants, and natural antibiotics – to help them stay healthy.

When the honey is sold and taken away from them, bees are given high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) for sustenance during the winter, but studies have shown that the HFCS can harm their immune system and can cause genetic changes making them vulnerable to pesticides.

While no one disputes bees are essential for our planet to thrive, people don't want to hear Morgan spout off.

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