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Petty Woman Convinced Her Cheating Ex's Lover That He'd Died—Complete With A Fake Funeral

Petty Woman Convinced Her Cheating Ex's Lover That He'd Died—Complete With A Fake Funeral

Apparently in the mood to enjoy some vicarious conflict, a TikToker recently posted a call for folks to "Tell me you're petty as f'k without telling me you're petty as f'k."

Just as he'd hoped, one woman responded with a real doozie.

The original call for petty submissions was posted by TikToker Colin Rea, who kicked off the truth-sharing by showing the obscenely lengthy list of people he's blocked on TikTok.

But TikToker thealoveridge managed to steal the show with her submission.

She explained she once faked the death—funeral and all—of her baby daddy when she discovered he'd cheated on her with his ex-girlfriend throughout the entire pregnancy.

"OK so, my baby daddy's a real piece of sh*t, and after I had our son, I found out that he was cheating on me the whole time I was pregnant with his ex-girlfriend."
"It caused all this drama in our relationship, and he ended up going to jail shortly after."

So she took advantage when an opportunity came along.

"And she was messaging him trying to figure out where he was, confused why he wasn't talking to her, so I messaged her and told her that he was dead."
"We had a fake funeral and everything, and we sent her photos from the funeral, and it's been three years and she still thinks he's dead."

And apparently, the trick has continued to work three years later.

"She posts little tributes every year on her Facebook page to the love of her life and how she's so sorry that she couldn't be there when he died to save him."

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People were stunned by—and supportive of—the lengths she went to get some petty revenge.



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In a follow up video, thealoveridge showed one of those Facebook tributes.

It was as dramatic as she'd hoped.

"One month tomorrow u left. U said goodbye to your demons. There was nothing anyone could do. This was ur peace. If I could have done more I would have but I know u left knowing I always had ur back and always loved you."
"Rip Scott. Forever my last love xxx"

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And she even included a picture from the funeral "celebration" she had with the guy's sister and a few friends.


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Only time will tell if the video's viral fame has lead the ex-girlfriend to finally discover the truth.