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Person's Parents Have Been Playing 'Mario Kart' Every Day Since 2001 For A Very Specific Reason 😂

Person's Parents Have Been Playing 'Mario Kart' Every Day Since 2001 For A Very Specific Reason 😂
Reddit: bork1138

You know what they say: a family that plays together, stays together.

That might be true, but this couple has other reasons for competing with video games and the stakes are pretty high.


That's what it all comes down to for Reddit user bork1138's mom and dad. Tea, and who is going to make it.

Winner takes all; well, winner sits back while loser makes the tea. This isn't a new thing either; it's been going on for 17 years!

Now that's some dedication to wanting the tea but not wanting to make the tea.


The photo of the couple deeply immersed with their competition was posted by bork1138 with the caption:

"Every day my parents play Mario Kart 64 to see who will make a cuppa tea. They've done this religiously since 2001."

We're seeing this as some serious relationship goals.

"Absolutely my goal in life! Congrats to the beautiful couple!"


"This! This is goals! When I'm old and grey, I want to do this over a cup of tea."



Others saw something else.

"I would like to join this religion."


"Your mum is dressed like a Jedi."


"Is your dad a Jedi?"



Is this how politics will be settled?

"The ultimate way to get things done. Now if only world officials applied this method."



Competition has its place in the family dynamic.

"Any "major" decision my wife and I make is done by paper-rock-scissors-shot. Trash needs to go out? Shoot! Dog shit on the carpet and has to be cleaned? Shoot!"



And for those wondering if this has really been going on for so long, here is a photo from 2014.

Who wants to play for a fresh cup of coffee?