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People Divulge Their Worst 'Wrong Text' Experiences

Reddit user niagarasinillinois82 asked: 'What was your worst wrong text sent?'

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In my lifetime, technology brought us the internet, smartphones, social media and texting.

Yes, I'm Gen-X.

As a person who took typing on an actual typewriter—IBM Selectric Rollerball—as a class in high school, I'm one of those annoying texters who uses complete sentences, punctuation, grammar... and needs Urban Dictionary to figure out what everyone else's abbreviations and acronyms mean.

So I'm a very careful texter who has autocorrect disabled on all my devices. It makes for minimal to nonexistent texting mishaps.

Other people aren't so lucky.

Reddit user niagarasinillinois82 asked:

"What was your worst wrong text sent?"

Bonding With Her Dad

"Called my wife's dad sugar t*ts."

"'How's it going, sugar t*ts?'."

"He laughed and brings it up once in awhile."

~ Remmemberme666

Employee Relations

"Texted my boss, 'I love you, my cute pretty little princess'."

"This was meant for my girlfriend—now my wife."

"Anyway he responded with 'I love you too, sweetheart'."

~ IrrelevantSpaceTaker

Hey, Auntie

"Sent a naughty text meant for my fiancée to my aunt once."

"One day at work, I texted my girl everything I was gonna do to her later after I got home. I went all out. Didn't hold back."

"I sent the text, and ten minutes later, my aunt texted: 'Oh, dear. You sent this to the wrong person. Try again'."


~ 8inchSalvattore

Customer Service

"My wife sent 'My crazy client likes her hair' to the crazy client by mistake."

"The look on her face when she realized what she did was priceless."

"Needless to say, she never did her hair again."

~ andyc3020

Say My Name

"When I texted this girl I was going on a date with 'Hey Olivia, I’m out front...'."

"...her name was Natalie."

"She never came out."

~ Office_Gym321

Oh Myyy...

"I accidentally sent a picture of a man having relations with a watermelon to my nana."

"That was 20 years ago."

"She still has the picture and regularly reminds me of it."

~ Polythe_Aries

Wake-up Call

"Was buzzed at home, watching TV, texting a girl I was dating and my best friend from high school simultaneously (separate chats)."

"My friend was struggling with addiction problems, and at the time, I felt like I was being used and taken for granted and said something along the lines of 'he’s probably getting coked out again' to the girl, but I actually sent it to my friend."

"I felt a dread I’ve never felt before. Because I love my friends, and I felt like I betrayed him by talking sh*t. I immediately apologized and explained the mix-up. Took ownership. But felt so bad for so long."

"BUT! That girl is now my wife, and that friend was one of my groomsmen and gave the speech at our wedding, and I was his best man and also gave a speech at his wedding."

"Turned out my text helped him realize he had hit bottom, and he made some really positive changes, and I couldn’t be more happy for him."

~ where2next00

Um, No

"My 21-year-old son (at the time) was living with me as he was between places and trying to sort some things out."

"At the time, I had the Motorola Droid with the hardware keyboard, so I tended to type and send without double checking my work."

"One day I meant to send him, 'Can you join us for a sec?' as my gal and I needed help with something and really needed another pair of hands."

"Somehow not only did I typo that one word that you all see coming, but I double typoed it to send, 'can you join us for sex?'."

"When he sent back, thankfully, 'uhh, I don't think so' and I looked, confusedly, as to why the f*ck he wouldn't help us with something we needed him for.... I realized how I had f*cked up."

"After my profuse apology and correction for what I meant to say, we never spoke of it again."

~ MajYoshi


"Finished an overtime shift and instead of texting my wife I ended up texting my boss 'Leaving work now. I love you so much Baber. See you soon'."

"It’s like 2 years later and this man still calls me Baber."

~ discombobulatedhomey

Do They Sound Like Smoke Detectors?

"I was sending an email from my phone about sodium iodide (NaI) detectors and it corrected it to Nazi detectors."

"I nearly sent an email about buying uranium for Nazi detectors."

~ riphitter

New Phone, Who Dis?

"As I was breaking up with my ex, I took a screenshot of our convo to send to my friend and captioned it 'Is this mf serious rn'."

"Guess who I accidentally sent that to?"

~ acouplefruits

Hey, Mom...

"I texted my mother-in-law while she was in my house. I meant to text my mom."

"MIL brought a friend to my house to meet my new baby without letting me know, and I was going to text my mom, 'Ugh, MIL brought over a friend without saying anything 🙄'."

~ zowielve

Say 'Hello' To My Little Friend

"When I was young and stupid, I was trying to shave my groin with an electric razor and nabbed myself a little."

"So I thought it would be funny to send a picture to my buddy with the caption 'when I ask the barber to take a little off the top'."

"But I accidentally posted the picture of my bloody, flaccid, and bald equipment to my public story on Snapchat."

"Also, it took like 30 minutes before someone thought to ask me, 'Did you mean to post this?'."

~ r32_fan

Thanks, Siri!

"I was riding in the backseat of a car with someone I didn’t like."

"I texted my mom how bad it was going, and I accidentally sent it to the person who happened to be driving."


~ CompuuHiWi

Is Embarrassment Fatal?

"I had made out with a girl for the first time in high school, and she asked for my number."

"In my adrenaline fueled daze I gave her my mom’s cell by mistake."

"I get out of play practice, and as I sit down in the car with my mom, she goes, 'So my son is a good kisser, huh?'.”

"I wish God would have taken me right then."

~ Karsa69420

In the digital age, instead of 'measure twice, cut once', we need to 'type once, proofread text and recipient twice, then hit send'.

Have you ever sent a mortifying text mistake?