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People Are Pranking Their Dads By Pretending They Put Olive Oil In Their Cars, And The Responses Are Everything

Dads love their cars, something their children know all too well. A prank, being shared by the children of Twitter, preys upon these dads' affection for their autos by convincing them a nightmare scenario has come to pass: rather than automotive oil, their sons and daughters have poured olive oil into their engines!

Fathers everywhere were dropping everything to save their children's cars.

Other fathers simply offered some much-needed advice:



Dads everywhere were wondering where they went wrong raising their children!


You can't help but love the pragmatic parents who were ready to help no matter what dumb thing their kid did.



At the end of the day, however, perhaps the only logical course of action was to laugh at the whole situation.




They wouldn't be dads if they didn't have some great dad jokes up their sleeves!



Apologies to the fathers of the worldβ€”we hate to laugh at your expense, but we simply can't stop ourselves! (And don't worry, no cars were actually injured in the making of this prank.)