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Pedialyte Is Fully Owning Its Reputation Among Adults With Holiday Hangover Kit

Pedialyte Is Fully Owning Its Reputation Among Adults With Holiday Hangover Kit

Pedialyte may have been developed to help with infant dehydration, it's long been known as one of the best underground hangover cures. After so many years of grown ups buying the beverage to stymy their headaches and nausea, Pedialyte finally decided to lean into the trend and market itself straight to heavy-drinking adults.

Pedialyte's advertisements now claim the "Pedialyte Sparkling Rush," a new variety of the product specifically for adults, will "help prevent dehydration caused by vomiting, diarrhea, exercise, travel, and heat exhaustion."

What's more, Pedialyte's Twitter and Instagram are now filled with branded images of the beverage being used as part of Holiday "survival kits."

Abbott, the manufacturer of Pedialyte, was quick to report that the beverage is even better for treating hangovers than Gatorade or other sports drinks because it contains double the electrolytes with half of the sugar (which can actually make hangovers worse):

"Losing water also means losing electrolytes — essential minerals like sodium and potassium that are responsible for maintaining proper fluid levels in your body, balancing your blood's pH levels, and firing signals to your nerves and muscles."

Jennifer Williams, "a research scientist at Abbott who specializes in hydration," explained why, although it wasn't originally manufactured for this purpose, Pedialyte is perfect for treating hangover symptoms:

"There's a reason so many turn to Pedialyte when they need help hydrating — it works. Pedialyte is so effective because the levels of electrolytes and carbohydrate are optimal for rehydration."

Fans online simply couldn't contain their love of Pedialyte:

The Pedialyte holiday survival kit also included a shirt, poster, and adjustable sign for social media posts!

Retailers are struggling to meet the increased Pedialyte demand that goes along with holiday drinking. The $10.99 six-pack of "Sparkling Rush" is sold out at Target, though a new shipment is expected soon. If you simply can't wait, and have a hefty thirst for Pedialyte, Amazon is selling 24-packs of the drink for a mere $86.99.

What better way to ring in the new year than with a beverage both you and your baby can share? Thanks for making our holidays a little less painful, Pedialyte!