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Paul Manafort Could Face Additional Indictments by Special Counsel's Office, This Time for Bank Fraud

The best people.

Paul Manafort Could Face Additional Indictments by Special Counsel's Office, This Time for Bank Fraud
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Former Trump Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort may face more indictments, following discoveries of millions of dollars worth of suspicious transactions.

BuzzFeed reported on Monday that Manafort "is under scrutiny for more than $40 million in "suspicious" transactions."

More than $40 million dollars in suspected illicit transactions have been linked to companies run by Manafort. This is in addition to the millions in fraudulent activity for which he was indicited in October. Charges against Manafort include financial transactions dating back as far as 2008.


"As the special counsel investigated President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort, authorities obtained details on "suspicious" banking activity that was first unearthed in 2014 and 2015. Those records were part of an FBI operation to track international kleptocracy that ultimately failed, but which Robert Mueller's team resurrected," BuzzFeed wrote.

It's Mueller Time. Always.


Manafort, along with his former business partner Rick Gates, were indicted last fall on 12 counts. The charges included money laundering, lying to authorities, and conspiracy against the United States. The pair were also charged with failing to disclose registering as foreign agents and making misleading statements to investigators under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

Manafort has pleaded not guilty to all charges against him. He is currently under house arrest.

The news of more potential indictments against Manafort is shocking to absolutely no one.

"I'll take "What is money laundering for $40 million, Alex," Stacy Taylor joked on Twitter.

Per Treason Memes: "FUN FACT: Bob Mueller has delivered 15 new indictments in the past 2 business days and he also brought additional charges against Paul Manafort."


The staggering, and growing number of indictments in the Russia probe makes President Donald Trump's claim to hire the best people nothing short of a joke.

Pretty much, Candice C.