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Patti LaBelle Shared Her Story Of Lending Elton John Tupperware Before They Were Famous

Patti LaBelle Shared Her Story Of Lending Elton John Tupperware Before They Were Famous
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Believe it or not, there used to be a time when neither Patti LaBelle nor Elton John were famous. They're established legends and household names with careers that span decades now - but in the beginning they were just struggling musicians trying to make it through. Interestingly, there was a point at which Elton John worked playing the piano for Patti. He was just Reg back then, but Patti never forgot about it. She also never forgot that he still has her tupperware.

Apparently, like the majestic and wise elephant, Miss Patti never forgets. She made an appearance on the Busy Phillips show during which she sat around and made floral arrangements! We learned a ton from Patti while she primped those blossoms; she loves murder shows, she's a fan of wine and Elton John absolutely spent a million dollars on flowers. Miss Patti does not spend anywhere near that much on arrangements because she's frugal, creative, and makes her arrangements herself.

At another point in the episode she confesses that she once slapped Mariah Carey! Yeah, Miss Patti delivered in this interview, fam.

While Busy and Patti were talking about Elton John's flower budget, Patti explained that she could absolutely confirm the rumor since she and Elton are such good friends. They got to know one another when Patti was living in London. The band that played for her at the time included a young, shy, kind of awkward piano player named Reginald. He and his band were the stereotypical starving musicians and Patti would often give them tupperwares of food to help out. Of course she never got them back.

Fast forward to Patti's a-ha moment. One night, Reginald asks her to come to one of his shows. When he tells her where he's playing she is a little surprised since it's a larger venue; so she asks him who he's opening for. He drops the bomb that he is the opener and he doesn't play as Reginald Dwight anymore - he uses a stage name, Elton John. Patti quipped about Elton making it big before she did - but it was her followup thought that is possibly the most Patti LaBelle thing she's ever said.

"Then I knew he had enough money to give me my tupperware back!"

Patti LaBelle Is a Pro at Flower Arrangements | Busy Tonight | E!

Now, we don't want you thinking Elton John doesn't pay his debts. We also don't want you thinking Patti LaBelle is about to let tupperware theft slide. The woman's got a pie company! (Side note: The pies are good. Really good.) food storage is one of those high priority things in Patti's world. Elton didn't return the tupperware or buy her a new set.

He gifted her a diamond ring.

We don't think Patti is over it, though. Apparently she's been slipping the story here and there for years - which, honestly, we find kind of hilarious.