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Parents Have The Most Ridiculous Names For Things—And It's All Too Familiar 😂


Parents are adorable. When we were children, they taught us everything there was to know about the world. Now, however, the world has changed a bit and it's our turn to get them in the know. Despite our best efforts, however, the occasional pronunciation will slip through their knowledge, and the resulting linguistic mangling is often too hilarious to correct.

Inspired by a post from Twitter user @thecityofjules, people online began sharing their parent's mispronounced names for things.

It turns out Netflix was an especially tricky word...

But the issue extended beyond popular streaming services.

Who here has been to Tha Walmark?

If you don't say the "tha," you aren't saying it right.

It almost seems parents posses a magical ability to add letters to the end of words without consequence.

English teachers would cry upon hearing the improper grammar of it!

But perhaps the greatest mispronunciation of all?

H/T - Twitter