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'One Million Moms' Melts Down Over Kay Jewelers Ad Featuring A Pair Of Gay Dads And Their Child

'One Million Moms' Melts Down Over Kay Jewelers Ad Featuring A Pair Of Gay Dads And Their Child
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The conservative group One Million Moms (OMM), an arm of the Christian fundamentalist nonprofit American Family Association (AFA) had a meltdown over an ad by jewelry company Kay Jewelers that shows couples kissing, one of which is two men who have a small child.

In a statement, OMM denounced the ad for its "attempts to normalize sin," calling it "inappropriate on so many levels" and charging that it was designed to "desensitize viewers."

The ad, titled "Celebrate Every Kiss," is not new. It was first posted to the company's official YouTube account on September 3, 2021 and has since garnered nearly 100,000 views.

You can watch it below.

In its statement, OMM, via its executive director Monica Cole, accused Kay Jewelers of virtue signaling, saying that the company "should avoid aiming to please a small percentage of customers while pushing away conservative customers."

It further lambasted the company for "promoting same-sex relationships," implying that it made a mistake by making it clear "where they stand on this controversial topic, instead of remaining neutral in the culture war."

Claiming to stand for "biblical truth," OMM stressed that its members "must remain diligent" in the face of the company "pushing the LGBTQ agenda," especially when "the commercial is airing during prime time when children are likely to be watching television."

The statement concluded with a call to action:

"Let Kay Jewelers know you will not support its business this Mother’s Day, during this wedding and graduation season, or anytime in the near future as long as it is airing this commercial featuring a homosexual couple."
"TAKE ACTION!: If you agree that this ad is inappropriate, sign our petition urging Kay Jewelers to either pull its 'Celebrate Every Kiss' commercial (also referred to as the 'Two Gay Dads' commercial) or, at the very least, edit the homosexual couple out of the ad immediately."

The statement immediately exposed the company to criticism.

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The pushback from OMM is just the latest example of conservatives pushing back at companies they perceive to have adopted "woke" or progressive agendas and have accused of alienating more conservative customers and clientele.

Earlier this month, Daily Wire editor Ben Shapiro, long a darling for the right-wing, complained on Twitter about an Oreo ad in which a young Chinese American man reads a note he prepared to come out to his grandmother as gay.

Shapiro, who has a long history of attacking the LGBTQ+ community, said the ad serves as evidence Oreo's famous cookies "must affirm your sexual lifestyle," suggesting the ad is little more than propaganda.