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Oklahoma GOP Sen. Who Was Slammed For Sexist Joke About Kamala Harris Assures Us All He's 'Hilarious'

Oklahoma GOP Sen. Who Was Slammed For Sexist Joke About Kamala Harris Assures Us All He's 'Hilarious'
Nathan Dahm/Facebook

If you were angered by Republican Oklahoma state Senator Nathan Dahm making an oral sex joke about Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris, you can finally relax and move on.

The state senator has tweeted to "assure" us he is "hilarious."

Dahm took to Twitter to double down on his doubling down of the inappropriate joke following the bipartisan blowback his sexism inspired.

In his tweet, Dahm stated anyone expecting him to be "politically correct" should realize he's "been assured my jokes are hilarious." Just take his word for it, okay?

Dahm's tweet came on the heels of the controversy that erupted after Dahm made the joke about Harris while debating Oklahoma legislation on the issue of banning paper straws.

Dahm joked:

"You can't use a paper straw for a milkshake but maybe Kamala Harris could because of her vast experience."

Given Dahm is a state senator introducing legislation in the state capitol and not a radio shock-jock or late-night TV host, the joke struck many as a bit inappropriate.

Dahm's colleagues on both sides of the aisle were among them.

Republican State Senator Jessica Garvin told Oklahoma City's KFOR:

"Every single female in that Capitol has a similar story to tell, including myself. We have these accusations made about us all the time, and it's unfortunate... There's always some reason women are successful aside from their own merit."

But Dahm insisted to KFOR he should be able to make sexual wisecracks about the Vice President of the United States while introducing legislation.

"I was making a joke... I believe that's one of the problems that we have in society right now is that people seem to not be able to take a joke."

On Twitter, people were unimpressed by Dahm's tweet.

Oklahoma's top state senator, Republican Senate Pro Tem Greg Treat, called Dahm's joke "misogynistic, disrespectful, immature" and said it was beneath the standards of the Oklahoma Senate.

He declined to say whether he would issue any disciplinary action to Dahm.