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Couple Who Met On A Nudist Vacation Tie The Knot Surrounded By Their Naked Family And Friends

Couple Who Met On A Nudist Vacation Tie The Knot Surrounded By Their Naked Family And Friends
Rachel and Nigel at their wedding (PA Real Life/collect)


From cleaning the house to weeding the garden and tying the knot, there is only one dress code for lovers Rachel and Nigel Seymour – and that is their birthday suits!

So, it came as no surprise to their 40 wedding guests when they were asked to celebrate with vehicle restorer Nigel, 50, and care assistant Rachel, 30, in the altogether at a naked ceremony.

The couple met playing table tennis 'au naturel' on a Greek island vacation in June of 2017 and, both members of British Naturism – a society for people who enjoy nudity – just six months later Nigel proposed at a weekend organized by the group in Staffordshire, England, in front of 400 naked strangers.

Rachel and Nigel with baby Michael (PA Real Life/Collect)

Unlike most people, as the couple, of Poole Dorset, approach their first wedding anniversary in June, the degree of lockdown we are in will not matter, as long as they can celebrate in the nude.

Rachel said:

“Our naked wedding made perfect sense, as it meant I didn't have to spend £1,000 on a wedding dress."
“Getting married in the buff with your friends and family is still just as magical an experience."

“It felt really freeing. We met in the buff, Nigel proposed in the buff, and we had a ceremony naked. It closed the chapter," Rachel explained.

Referring to their legal, clothed wedding as their "textile" ceremony, this took place with minimal fuss on June 21, 2019, at St. Leonard's Hotel near Ringwood, Hampshire.

They waited until their blessing in the buff at the naturist haunt, Oakwood Sun Club, in Romford, Essex, on August 4, to really let their hair down – and let it all hang out.

Rachel doing some gardening in the buff during lockdown (PA Real Life/Collect)

The bride's father, fellow naturist Harvey Allen, 74, was the official photographer – snapping them and their guests sunbathing, playing tennis, swimming and eating a buffet lunch – in the buff.

Rachel, who has a one-year-old son, Michael, with Nigel, explained:

“It was a little less serious than the textile wedding. There was more of a jokey, fun vibe."
“All guests had to bring with them was a towel and some sun cream."

She added:

“The officiator who conducted the civil blessing was not a naturist, but we had asked around and found someone who said they would be willing to be naked."

Growing up in a naturist family has made nudity second nature to Rachel, while Nigel only discovered the true pleasure of going naked, aged 40, when it helped him to overcome his poor body image.

He explained:

“What I liked was that you had no idea what people did in their day-to-day lives – whether they were a judge, a doctor, or a police officer. Being naked just levels everyone out."

Cheers went up as Rachel accepted Nigel's proposal (PA Real Life/British Naturism/

And while he admits that naturism is not everyone's cup of tea, he and Rachel enjoyed it so much, they went on to honeymoon at the end of June 2019 at the world's largest naturist village, Cape d'Agde, in the South of France.

“The reaction we've had from friends and family who did not attend the blessing was very much, 'That's not for us but you carry on and let us know how you get on,'" he said. “But we loved every minute of it."

Regular attendees at naked events around the country, organized by British Naturism, during the lockdown, the couple admit they have missed their friends.

Rachel, Nigel and baby Michael (PA Real Life/Collect)

But, around the house, their behavior has seen little change, as they have continued to eat their dinner, watch television and do the housework in the buff.

As usual, Rachel, who as a key worker has still been going to work, has performed her job fully clothed, but she has had some problems exercising at home in her birthday suit.

She laughed:

“Like everybody else, we're having to be creative at home."

Rachel added:

“I've been doing my exercises – some squats, leg extensions and using weights, sometimes using the baby as one, because he is quite heavy! He giggles his way through it."
“But I've had to put a bra on to stop my breasts bouncing about!"

Meanwhile, Nigel – who has been gardening naked on a patch of land where they are not overlooked by neighbors, cannot wait to skinny dip again when larger gatherings are permitted.

Rachel grew up around naturism, whilst Nigel only made his first foray when he turned 40 (PA Real Life/Collect)

He said:

“It's been such nice weather that we've planting sunflowers and tomatoes. There is only a small area of our garden where we are not overlooked by the neighbors, though, so we do have to be a bit careful and make sure to stick to that area when we're nude."
“The main change for us has been missing out on events with our nudist friends and family. We can't wait until we can go back out again. We're desperate to go out for a naked swim- and would love to at least celebrate the first anniversary of our nude blessing with one."
“We both love nudity. It doesn't matter what you look like, what size, color, creed, occupation you are. Everybody is on the same level when they are naked and nobody judges you."