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People Share The Notes They've Found On Their Windshield

People Share The Notes They've Found On Their Windshield

It's a feeling that fills up the average vehicle owner with anxiety: What is that note doing on my windshield? Is it a nice message from a stranger or something? Nah, that's never the case. Chances are someone backed into you and left you their insurance information. Or maybe they did and told you to 'eff off. Who even knows?

"What was the most unexpected personal note you ever found on your windshield?" –– That was today's burning question from the team over at Quora and the responses came pouring in.

"This was in 2001."


This was in 2001. I was 8 months pregnant and working at a large department store in an affluent part of town (this becomes relevant later) as a makeup artist on the closing shift. You can imagine I was extremely tired as I walked out of the door towards my small VW bug. As I drew closer towards my vehicle I thought I saw a brown piece of paper rolled up underneath my windshield wiper on the drivers side of the beetle. As I got closer I realized what it was but it did not register until I almost reached out and picked it up.

It was a small severed deer leg from the knee down, hoof, hair and all! It looked like this.


I immediately returned to the store to report the incident hoping it had been caught on camera. Unfortunately I was parked on the roof of the garage and alas no cameras. Security came out but were as baffled as I was, what type of person, in that area, would be driving around with a severed deer leg in their vehicle and why pick my car? The only reason I could come up with was the small "Darwin" like shaped decal I had on the back of my vehicle that looked like a carrot saying "Go Veg." Somebody must have taken it personally that I had a preference for vegetables.

Since that incident I have never had any kind of decal or bumper sticker on my car.

Simone Jane

"How can I not call someone who left a note like this?"

The note was simple:

"You seem to be getting me in trouble. I figure we should meet. Jack"

His phone number was also appended.

How can I not call someone who left a note like this? So I rang him up. Jack wasn't in, but I talked to his wife who seemed to be very nice. I told her about the note, which made her laugh, and left my name and number.

Later that day I got my call back from Jack. He said he'd like to meet for coffee and named a place that I frequented. I agreed to see him there the next morning.

When I arrived, I was deeply surprised to find a 1963 Porsche 356B Carrera II, in Heron Grey, with a red leather interior, and a VDM wood steering wheel. What made that surprising? I was driving pretty much exactly the identical vehicle. The only visible difference - even to a trained eye - was the license plates. His said "2000GS", mine said "4CAM". (note there were only 247 Carrera II's of any type made; two of which were identical, in the same smallish town??)

So, naturally, I parked alongside his car, and went in.

Jack had a good 25 years on me, but he was very friendly, and active. We talked about our cars, our shared passion for the marque, and for the Fuhrmann four-cam engines in particular. I'd had mine about two years. He bought his new, in Germany.

We talked about cars for a good hour and a half before I thought to mention the note. What was up with the "getting him in trouble" part??

It turned out that I had a dear friend who worked at a couple of adult entertainment establishments. And that from time to time I'd wind up taking her to work, or picking her up, and would be parked outside the club.

And it turned out that on at least some of those occasions, I'd been in my Carrera II, and on at least some of those occasions, some of his wife's friends had noticed the car, and "ratted him out"

Except it wasn't him.

After a good laugh, we drove back to his house, where I got to see his workshop (he did insanely accurate recreations of the VDM wooden steering wheels, among other things) and took the opportunity to set things right with his wife.

I offered to have my friend bake cookies and deliver them as a peace offering. His wife laughed, and declined.

We remained friends for several years, even after I sold my car at Monterey.

Stan Hanks

"I was early in my pregnancy..."


I was early in my pregnancy and parked in one of those "expectant mother" parking spots. Granted I was fat at the time, wearing frumpy clothes and had zero makeup on and my hair was a sloppy bun and god do I love my flip flops…Besides the point. Anyways, I come out to my car and someone had written me a note saying: "you're too fat and ugly for anyone to ever want to sleep with you. Leave the expectant mother spots for the real expectant mothers." The real kicker? The guy who wrote the note was dumb enough to use company letterhead, I took the note to the company and told them that I was going to make sure that every news station and paper was going to see that letter.

(I do get that it could have been written by someone not associated with that company, but where would they have gotten company letterhead paper?) I was floored! The manager went straight to the store I'd been shopping at to review the security footage, the man was fired right in front of me; I did feel a little bad, he had a pregnant wife but his boss said that he could not in good conscience employ someone stupid enough to do something like that on company letterhead. I still have that letter and am still fat.

Christine Bozarth

"My wife and I went out to view a new apartment."

My wife and I went out to view a new apartment. Turns out that we didn't really like the apartment. On our way out we found a note on the windshield.

A side story, a few months back a family member had parked our neighbor in and she left them a long note explaining how rude it was to do that in the rain. Anyway not to get side tracked, I expected a similar story as I just parked in a parking that was I directed to which could possibly have belonged to someone else.

I get in the car and start reading the note. Turns out that a stranger saw the wife and me going in to view a for-sale apartment and left a note to tell me that he was selling his apartment and emigrating. I called him up and we viewed his place.

It has been 7 months since that fateful note was left and the kids have friends over the weekend enjoying the new place.

Umar Randeree

"When I was young..."

I'm going to write an answer (true story) and really everybody doesn't have to write in and tell me how lousy it was to do it (I already know) but I DID do it, so "Nuff said".

When I was young (REAL young) I had my first car (a VW) and was really trying to show my parents that I could handle it. But one evening, my friends and I went to a IDK Taco Bell, Burger King, or etc….

When we left we were laughing and kidding around-as 16–17yr old kids will do-and when I backed up out of the parking lot, I backed into a parked car. Everybody is like "Oh, wow, dude! You gotta leave a note or sumthin" (of course, THEY had no cars, THEY had no parents who would crack them over the head).

So I said, "Oh yeah, no kidding. Hey, give me a sheet of paper and a pen and I'll leave a note on their windshield". THEY are all, "Oh cool, dude".

But what I wrote on this note was NOT my name, NOT my phone number. I wrote "Everyone thinks I'm writing down my information. I'm real sorry but I just can't do that. Sorry to leave you this way. Good luck."

And I DID put it on their windshield, and I DID drive away. And I DO know that "what goes around, comes around."

Lynita Trevino

"I parked my car..."


I parked my car and there was a note telling me to ring a door bell. It was a nice neighborhood, daylight and my car was parked right in front of the house. I rang the door bell out comes a little woman that tells me I park my car in front of her house all the time and the hours that I worked and my profession. Okayyy???!!!! She told me not to park there anymore because she liked to come out her house and park there. I walked away after ripping the note to little pieces and leaving it on her lawn like confetti. Immature yes, but she had a driveway!!! About 4 years ago the same town implemented a bunch of speed humps while driving over one of them down that street guess whose house they put one in front of…wait for it….mean old lady. I bet she didn't give the Mayor the same speech that she gave me and several other coworkers. She no longer parks in front of her own home.

JessCia Patterson

"I used to have a blue car..."

I used to have a blue car (don't remember make, model or year) and one day I decided to buy and put a bumper sticker on it. The bumper sticker read, "Politicians are like diapers. They need to be changed often and for the same reasons". Sometime later, I was with my parents at a store and I saw a bumper sticker that I got my mom to buy me. This one read, "Don't steal. The government hates competition". Fast forward a few months later. I'm at the mall just browsing around and after an hour or two, I head out to my car. As I get close to it, I see a piece of paper that had been placed under the driver side windshield wiper. At first, I thought I got a ticket but when I looked at the paper, I read, "Congratulations! I love your bumper stickers." To whoever put that note under my windshield wiper, glad I could make your day.

Jason Marin

"It happened a few weeks ago."

It happened a few weeks ago. My mom was in the hospital dying. I was in the cars with my two cousins. They are the greatest boys ever. I see them more like my big brothers that look out for me. Anyways we were going to go get something to eat. I got a call from my sister or my dad. Sorry I don't remember. It's still all a blur. We reached the hospital. And found a parking space finally. Now when your loved one is dying on their death bed in the hospital the last thing that you care about is how you park. We didn't even take two parking place. They left a note on a brown paper napkin. Which they wrote something like. " We learned to color into the lines in kindergarten, sadly didn't learn when parking into the car lines." Or something like that. I mean you don't know what that person is going through. It's a hospital parking lot. Some asshole only cared about how a person was parked and not if the driver had a love one dying. I was going to shame the a-hole on social media. I decided to just let it go. I had to be there for my mom for her final hours. And I believe God will take care of the jerk on judgement day. The jerk is not worth my time.

Brittany Nicole Ribeiro

"Hello there..."


Hello there,

"I parked beside your car and when I returned after shopping and noticed your license plate right beside mine. I wish I'd had a camera to preserve the moment, but I didn't."

I've always felt bad that the other driver didn't have a chance to take that photo. My license plate was REDHED. Hers was FRECKLES.

-Judy Gill

"It was not on my window."

It was not on my window. I had a pickup truck with a camper shell some one had left a note on the window on the shell.

I read the note" There is a rattle snake underneath your truck on the drivers side.

So I open the passenger door crawl over and drove off. They never left a number but I thank them for looking out for me.

-John Edwards

I never had a note on my windshield, only a ticket. But I leave notes on people's windshields saying "you park like an asshole" when their horrible parking job takes up two or more spaces. One time someone parked right where four parking spots meet, taking up FOUR spots. I don't leave a note if I see a handicapped sticker though because I feel like they have an excuse. One time I waited in my car for the driver to come out and find the note. They just crumpled it up and threw it on the ground. They will probably park like that again.

-Cee Em

"I was in a hurry..."

I was in a hurry and ran out the door. Then ran back in to give hubby his valentines gift and a kiss goodbye. I ran back outside to find my vehicle plastered in sticky notes with each of them having a personal message from my hubby. Best Valentine's Day ever. Kept them around my inside of my vehicle for years afterwards. My mechanic saw them and asked about them and decided to do just the same thing for his wife the following year.