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Kim Kardashian's Video Of North West Promoting Her Lipstick Is Stirring Controversy And Fans Are Torn

Kim Kardashian-Instagram

Makeup runs in the family, and not just mascara after a good cry.

Kim Kardashian West is passing the makeup torch to 5-year-old daughter North West. Sort of.

Mama Kardashian West pushed some lipsticks from her new line with the help of her adorable daughter. This week on Instagram, Kim Kardashian West posted photos and videos of her eldest child playing with makeup.

In one, North is wearing lipstick and the makeup line owner can be heard talking about the shade North is sporting.

But some "Mom shamers" took exception to Kardashian West letting her child put on the lipstick, so she felt compelled to label the video with the following message:

"Relax Mom shamers, it's coming off in a few mins."
"I needed a bribe to get her out the door ... you feel me?!??!?!"





Several publications pushed the story online.

The internet had many feelings about five-year-olds and makeup. But they fell everywhere between this is awful to go for it.

The internet is more or less tied on the issue which means... pretty much nothing to North West.

Hopefully no one is raising a child based solely on internet opinions.

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