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A Realistic Painting By Kim Kardashian's Young Daughter Has Fans Both Impressed And Skeptical

A Realistic Painting By Kim Kardashian's Young Daughter Has Fans Both Impressed And Skeptical

She's already arguably one of the most famous kids on Earth. But now, she may be among the most talented, too.

The internet is going wild about a painting supposedly made by Kim Kardashian's and Kanye West's daughter North following Kardsashian posting a photo of the painting to her Instagram story.

The painting is so good people can't believe their eyes.

So much so that some are calling BS on the entire thing and refusing to believe it was actually painted by 7-year-old North.

The painting, which Kardashian posted with the caption "My little artist North," features a snowcapped mountain beside a lake and some very detailed trees.

The colorful painting's bucolic setting and peaceful vibes had many people comparing little North to iconic PBS painter Bob Ross, who was known for his similarly naturalistic landscapes.

But others were absolutely not buying a 7-year-old child—no matter how privileged and special—could possibly have painted something so flawless. Ross was after all a highly trained professional with decades of experience, so it's not exactly unreasonable to doubt a grade schooler's Bob Ross-ian bona fides.

But a TikToker named Camryn added some extra intrigue to the controversy. As she explained in a video, Camryn's mother is an art teacher who taught her how to paint the same picture at North's age.

And who is among her mother's recent students?

You guessed it, North West.

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As Camryn explained in her TikTok, all of her mother's students learn to paint the exact same painting North supposedly made.

"...I am probably one of the only people in the world who has evidence to prove that Kim is not lying... [My mom] has been an art teacher for 30 years and everyone that comes through her classes goes through this exact same painting when they're starting out."

On Twitter, the controversy reached a fever pitch. Many refused to believe North painted the picture.

While many others defended Kardashian and West, believing with the right resources and instruction a 7-year-old could absolutely create something so advanced.

Of course, many others didn't care about the controversy and just thought the painting was amazing.

In a follow-up post to her Instagram Story, Kardashian hit back at the skeptics, explaining North worked on the painting in her art class for several weeks. She called out the critics to "stop embarrassing yourselves" with their accusations.

Sounds like the art world better watch out, regardless.