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Noel Gallagher Sparks Random Feud With Adele After Disparaging Her Songs In NSFW Rant

The former Oasis guitarist slammed the singer to podcaster Matt Morgan, comparing her to famed UK singer Cilla Black.

Noel Gallagher Sparks Random Feud With Adele After Disparaging Her Songs In NSFW Rant
MB Media/Getty Images; Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

If you had to take a guess at which two music stars are currently having beef, you probably wouldn't assume it would be former Oasis member Noel Gallagher and heartbreak-diva Adele.

But, unfortunately, that is the celebrity feud at which we find ourselves after Gallagher laid into the songstress while speaking to UK radio host Matt Morgan while Adele has been quietly minding her own business in Las Vegas headlining one of the most lucrative Vegas residences of all time.

For whatever reason, Gallagher finds Adele "offensive"—which seems like a bit much—and railed against her on Morgan's show with a profanity-filled rant.

In the interview, Morgan asked Gallagher if he is a fan of the super popular Adele, who has been given the Ivor Novello songwriting award—one of the music industry's top honors—three times. That's aside from all the Grammys and Oscars and whatnot she's won too, of course.

Anyway, suffice to say Gallagher is emphatically not a fan. Of Adele's songs, he told Morgan:

"They’re f**king sh*t. It’s f**king awful. It’s f**king Cilla Black. I find it and that whole thing offensive."

Cilla Black is an iconic British singer whose heyday was in the '60s, so you'd think Gallagher would mean that comparison in a complimentary way since he and his brother Liam's band Oasis has often been compared to the Beatles. But whatever!

You can watch a video of Black singing her hit song 'You're My World' to compare for yourself:

Cilla Black - You're My World (Live)

Gallagher did, however, say he'd deign to write songs for Adele if he gets bored with his current career.

"If I fall out of love with touring, I could see myself just sitting at home writing songs and sending them to my publishers...I’ll be saying, 'Get Adele to sing that. Don’t call until she’s done the guide vocal.'"

Not sure you need to worry about it, mate. She does just fine writing songs on her own.

As you might assume, people on social media weren't all that impressed with Gallagher's hot take on Adele.

Gallagher, who is as famous for being an a**hole as he is for being a great musician, also took time out of the interview to drag Sam Smith as ugly and "the biggest idiot around," and mocked Scottish musician Lewis Capaldi, who he's previously compared to "Chewbacca" in other interviews.

Just a really happy-go-lucky and likable guy, Noel Gallagher!