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Donald Trump Just Lied About His Approval Rating, and This Time the Pollster Is Calling Him Out

Donald Trump Just Lied About His Approval Rating, and This Time the Pollster Is Calling Him Out
MOBILE, AL - DECEMBER 17: President-elect Donald Trump speaks during a thank you rally in Ladd-Peebles Stadium on December 17, 2016 in Mobile, Alabama. (Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images)


President Donald Trump continues to chase after the elusive 50 percent or higher approval rating. Thus far he has only hit that mark on the conservative Rasmussen poll a handful of times during his presidency .

This has not stopped Trump from claiming a higher approval rating however. In the past he has misread or misunderstood poll results and cited them as proof of a high approval rating when it was his disapproval rating that charted well over 50 percent.

And he did it again with the help of Lou Dobbs and Fox News.

On Thursday morning, President Trump tweeted a graphic from Dobbs' program. He captioned the image:

"Great news! #MAGA"

But there were some problems with the graphic on Fox News. And the person who would know best what the actual poll results were quickly pointed them out.

Mo Elleithee, Executive director of Georgetown Politics, posted on Twitter:

"I'm the director of @GUPolitics (Georgetown Politics Twitter account) & this graphic is incorrect."

"The Battleground Poll shows 58% approval on [just] the economy."

"But it shows only 43% overall approval [of the current state of the USA] & 52% disapproval."

"The 55% number is the President's unfavorable rating. (Only 40% favorable. )"

Back at the beginning of April, they shared the announcement:

"Georgetown’s Institute of Politics and Public Service, The Tarrance Group, and Lake Research Partners Relaunch the 'Battleground Poll'—National Survey Will Measure Political Opinion and Civility"

"Initiated in June 1991, the [bipartisan] Battleground Polls have gained widespread media recognition as reliable bellwethers of national opinion and voters’ intentions."

Elleithee was not alone in correcting the President and Fox News.

Some were less kind in their responses.

Some again raised the issue of President Trump's reliance on Fox News as his primary source of information.

However not every response was negative. One of two Twitter accounts that always responds favorably to every Trump tweet, "CC," offered congratulations.

But that account was also quickly corrected.

And people again raised questions about the authenticity of "CC" on Twitter.

The Battleground Poll is activated in presidential election cycles. It specifically gauges voter sentiment and intentions.

For the first time, the Battleground Poll is also going to gauge civility.

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