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Cast Of 'Heartstopper' Epically Trolls Anti-Gay Protesters At London Pride–And People Are Loving It

Cast Of 'Heartstopper' Epically Trolls Anti-Gay Protesters At London Pride–And People Are Loving It
@SebastianCroft/Twitter; @SkyScottBeasley/Twitter

Netflix's queer-themed British drama Heartstopper has become a hit among LGBTQ+ people, especially younger ones, so naturally they were asked to join London's LGBTQ+ Pride parade this past weekend.

And when the usual anti-gay protestors showed up to harass attendees and participants, the show's cast lived up to the honor of being invited to join the parade.

As the protestors tried harder and harder to ruin the day, several Heartstopper cast members trolled them with defiantly joyful—and occasionally profane—revelry that perfectly upstaged the trolls, and fans are cheering them for it.

For one of Heartstopper's lead cast members Joe Locke, fighting back against the bigoted trolls took the form of merrily dancing and giving the protestors the finger, as seen below.

Not even an old British man yelling about eternal damnation, as can be heard in the background of the video, was any match for Locke's revelry.

As Whitney Houston's iconic gay anthem "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" blared from the parade's sound system, it would almost seem like Locke and his friends didn't even notice the protestors if it weren't for the middle fingers they threw out.

Sharing the footage himself, Locke, who is openly gay, jokingly said he was just doing his job.

Along with a shrugging emoji, Locke quipped:

"Had to do my job properly"

All in a day's work!

Locke's costar Kit Connor, who has declined to confirm his sexual orientation but definitely has a crush on actor Hugh Grant just like the rest of us, also joined in the bigot-vanquishing festivities, videoing Locke and fellow co-star Sebastian Croft's attempts to not let bigots spoil Pride.

Croft was able to capture footage from an angle that gives a clearer view of Locke's and others' middle fingers--which somehow makes the moment all the more joyful.

Fans of the show absolutely adored the Heartstopper castmembers for standing up for what's right while not even remotely letting the bigots ruin their big queer dance party.

One elderly queer man was particularly touched by the Heartstopper casts efforts.

The kids are definitely alright.