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Person Gets Hilarious Revenge On Neighbors Who Shot Fireworks All Night—And The War Is On

Person Gets Hilarious Revenge On Neighbors Who Shot Fireworks All Night—And The War Is On

In a viral video, @lukefosburg documents a feud between neighbors setting off fireworks at night and a neighbor setting their alarm at 5:55am over the loud speaker.

The war between neighboring houses started earlier in the week when one house decided to set off fireworks late into the night.

Fosburg writes:

"The neighbor a few houses down made his alarm go off through a PA ststem to wake up the whole neighborhood this morning at 5:55 AM to get back at every one for shooting fireworks all night... every night."

This short clip gained a lot of attraction with 3.7 million views and over 8 thousand comments.


No one can find the alarm to shut it off 🤣

The gentle alarm and this mans pettiness really garnered a lot of attention.





@danterossini/TikTok; @lukefosburg/TikTok

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The follow up video showed more fireworks going of the again.

The update video said:

"Well the neighborhood has waged war this evening against the PA system alarm clock guy... might be in for a long night."

Fosburg captioned the video:

"These mortars out here like heavy artillery."


These mortars out here like heavy artillery 🤣

Another update came in later that night:

"I fell asleep for about a half hour."
"It's about 1:00 though. I mean, it's just still going strong."

The comments took quite the turn at this point.








His final update explained most of the neighborhood was gone by the morning:

"Fireworks update... no neighborhood alarm this morning but it appears that several people left late last night to stay with friends or at a hotel..."

Fosburg speculated that the fireworks lasting consistently until 3:00AM might have been their breaking points.

Some people in the comments of the last update were rooting for the PA alarm guy to get the final act of revenge.







And some commenters felt differently about the situation.





Some people suggested other music options like Christmas music, the song "It's a Small World After All," or the song "Baby Shark" on repeat for hours.

No further updates have been given, we will just have to wait and see what comes next.