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NASA Says They Have A 'Major Announcement' About The Moon—And Twitter Has Some Hilarious Theories

Tomekbudujedomek/Getty Images@spenshi/Twitter

A "major" announcement about anything cosmic seems like a bad omen in these trying times of 2020.

So when a cryptic tweet from The Independent appeared saying NASA had a "major" announcement about the moon, Twitter's imagination ran absolutely wild.

After a series of reports about serious sexual misconduct, such as New Yorker staff writer Jeffrey Toobin being suspended after reportedly stroking his genitals on a Zoom call and Rudy Giuliani putting his hand down his pants in front of an actor portraying a journalist for the Borat sequel, people were speculating that NASA's moon announcement may be a little NSFW.

Still others remained pessimistic about what any sort of "moon announcement" could mean for this already traumatic year.

Apparently, NASA's announcement about the moon will be in support of its efforts for deep-space exploration.

So whether or not the moon exposed itself, is going to crash into earth and kill us all or if there's a sequel to the moon coming out of nowhere, Monday, October 26 at NASA's press conference is the day we will find out.