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The Text Relationship Between This Woman And Her Mom Has Devolved Into The Most Mom Thing Ever


Mom texts can be a bit weird. Sometimes she's texting to check up on you or to remind you of something, and sometimes it's just to say good morning or tell you that your dad's blood pressure is still high. Mom texts are a lot like mom calls.

Casey Maher's mom has taken this to the next level, though: all of her texts are requests for Casey to edit photos of her cat Brady in Adobe Lightroom so mom can post them on Brady's Instagram page.

Casey took to Twitter to share the amusing text conversation with the world.

There were plenty of Twitter users who could understand why mom was so eager to share Brady with the world.

Many shared pictures of their own cats.

Brady (who seems to have been named after a certain quarterback) can be found on Instagram @bradythesiberiancat. There are plenty of stunning photos of Brady posted there, including one where he dons a kitty-sized Patriots jersey. (Click here for your very own matching adult jersey.)

It looks like Casey's efforts in Lightroom and on Twitter were definitely worth it, Brady's Insta now has over 8,800 followers!

How are your Lightroom skills? Click here to brush up!