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Women Share The Most Important Unwritten Examples Of 'Girl Code'

Reddit user Specific-Voice3301 asked: 'Women of reddit, what are some unwritten examples of girl code?'

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Though entertainment likes to try to convince us that women do not like each other and that they're always competing, women generally have a sense of "girl code" toward one another.

From safety reasons to simple acts of kindness, women have countless examples of what it means to honor the Girl Code.

Redditor Specific-Voice3301 asked:

"Women of Reddit, what are some unwritten examples of 'Girl Code'?"

Wardrobe Malfunctions

"Always tell a woman, even a stranger, about a wardrobe malfunction, like a skirt hooked into panties at the back after a restroom visit."

- Crew_Emphasis

"Yes, please! Also lipstick on the teeth, smeared mascara or eyeliner, etc."

- slushiechum

Compliment Compliment Compliment

"If her eyeliner is on point, you tell her. That s**t is hard."

- PenguinsReallyDoFly

"Last time I was in the liquor store, I told the lady, 'I hope this doesn't sound weird, but your eyebrows look UHMAYZING' because they really did. She was so stoked about that."

- slushiechum

The Time of the Month Woes

"Tell someone about visible menstrual blood leakage."

"It happens less as women get older and learn their bodies and cycle, but I have mortifying memories from high school."

- BowdleizedBeda

"I told a woman at Taco Bell. She was a drunk college girl, at like 1:00 AM."

"I just tapped her on the shoulder and said it wasn't a good time to wear white sweatpants."

"She said, 'What... OH!' She yanked off her hoodie and tied it around her waist... and then ordered. Can't let small problems slow you down."

- somedude456

Offer an Exit Plan

"That look that says, 'Help me leave this conversation or interaction.'"

- Apprehensive_Pickle3

"I saw this firsthand as a guy. I was walking home from the train station in the evening on a main street, and saw these two college girls walking (lived in a college town at the time, but was in my mid-late 20s). They were clearly on their way somewhere but had stopped to look at the menu hanging in the entrance of a restaurant that was closed at the time."

"While they were looking, some crazy-looking homeless guy kind of blocked them into the doorway and they couldn't get out. One of the girls locks eyes with me, just fear and panic."

"I walked over and just made up two names. 'Hey Jackie, Meagan! It's not this restaurant we're meeting at, it's on the next block! Excuse me, sir,' and just sort of shuffled in between the guy and them, and took one of their arms and started walking."

"They asked if they could walk with me for a few blocks, said sure, and walked with them down the street to the bar they were going to."

- MrMisty

The Hairtie Code

"Be generous with the hair ties so long as they’re plentiful… but if you have just one left?"

"You guard that s**t with your LIFE… until you get more."

- _Halboro_

Safe and Secure

"Wait until your friend gets inside before pulling away."

- FlutterFlut

"And wait until your friend gets in her car before walking back inside."

- myownworstanemone

"And make sure her car starts, so she isn’t stuck there."

- TheCrankyOptimist

Keep the Drinks Safe

"Always watch your friend's drink if she leaves on the table in a club."

- AshamedClassroom413

"Or a stranger. Or even an enemy."

"Keep your eyes on other folks' drinks. Report anything funky!"


Instant Besties

"If a random woman comes up to you pretending to know you, you’ve known her for your whole life."

- Emergency_Can_8

"Similarly, if a woman you know but don't necessarily get along with comes up pretending to be besties, and that you had plans, you definitely had plans let's hang out RIGHT NOW."

"When my mom was in college, she was stalked leaving school one day when she saw a girl she'd never gotten along with, but she ran over and was like, 'SUSIE! Isn't it funny we ran into each other while going to meet up? Let's walk together!'"

"The girl looked behind my mom, saw the creepy guy, and immediately played along."

"Petty fights and disliking each other don't negate girl code."

- Willowed-Wisp

"This. You can hate that b*tch as much as you want any other day, but if you can potentially save a life, just do it. For that moment, she is your most favorite person in the world."

- CycloneInAPolicebox

Simple, Bare Necessities

"If you need a tampon and I have a spare, it's yours, no worries."

"If you're crying in the toilets, yes, I'm going to ask why and try to help or commiserate."

"I will tell you if the tag is sticking out of your clothing."

- Sweeper1985

Take the Picture

"If you see a group of friends trying to take a group photo selfie style, offer to take the photo. Take several. Tell them they look great."

- Exciting_Molasses_78

"I always do this when I see a mum trying to take a family selfie. You wouldn't believe how few pictures mums have with their kids that aren't selfies. And I include myself in this! Photos taken by someone else, that aren't selfies, are so so so precious. I've inadvertently shamed more than a few dads by offering to take the shot. I live in a fairly touristy area, so it happens a lot."

- Pavlover2022

"This might mean more than you can imagine. After my mom passed, I dove into the family pictures only to realize she was almost always the photographer. We have too few pictures of us with my mom."

- scullingby

Amp Up Those Compliments

"I’m sure someone will have a problem with this, but when I’m out and see a chick that looks like she feels uncomfortable in her skin (not uncomfortable in her surroundings, mind you), if I pass by her, I’ll make sure to compliment her."

"Like the other day, I saw a chick wearing a dress and was done up nice walking with a dude but she looked pensive. So I rolled my window down and said, 'That dress looks incredible on you!'"

"She didn’t hear me, but her date did, and then he got all pumped and was like, 'She said the dress looks incredible! Right there, she just said that!'"

- theWildBore

"Someone did this for me about 10 years ago. I was getting out of the car wearing shorts and wondering if I made the right choice for the evening. A girl driving by leaned out the window and told me I looked hot. I’ve never forgotten it."

- PineappleJLM

"This is the most validating comment! And I also experienced this on a bus in NYC, probably 15 years ago now."

"I was with friends that, at the time, I thought were way prettier than me."

"This little old lady got up, came over to us, looked at me, and said, 'That dress makes you look more beautiful than Meryl Streep!'"

"Sure, Meryl Streep is a solid 35 years older than me, but who gives a s**t!? That woman thought my dress made me look better than Meryl. And all my friends heard it. My confidence soared!"

- theWildBore

End the Abusive Cycle

"This is controversial, but if you can ensure your safety and peace of mind, do not hesitate to warn your abusive ex's next girlfriend."

"And (also controversial) if you're the one who receives a warning, do not tell your partner. By doing so, you are potentially endangering yourself and their ex. Take the warning with a grain of salt if you have to, but always keep that info in your back pocket just in case you start to question whether your relationship is healthy or not."

- Metta_Morph

Challenge Those Negative Thoughts

"If someone is making comments about her weight or appearance in general (regardless if it sounds like a joke or not) you give a compliment. There is so much body dysmorphia and eating disorders with young women."

- Additional_Meeting_2

Always Come Equipped

"Always have a sanitary pad or tampon on you, whether you need it or not. You never know when you can save someone's life in the bathroom."

- deliriousgoomba

Honor the Pockets!

"If a woman compliments your dress and it has pockets, you must immediately put your hands in said pockets and say the words, 'IT HAS POCKETS!'"

- big_data_mike

"This is the law."

- myownworstanemone

While some of these were specifically put into place for safety reasons, many of these are heartwarming and wholesome reminders of how easy it is to lift each other up and make each other's days a little better. From throwing a compliment out the window to honor someone's normally-sized pockets, there are so many little things we could do to brighten their day.