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Mortician Breaks Down All The Dangerous Activities She'll 'Never Do' After Being 'Scarred' By Her Job

Mortician Breaks Down All The Dangerous Activities She'll 'Never Do' After Being 'Scarred' By Her Job

The show 1,000 Ways To Die has met its match in the form of a mortician taking to TikTok to reveal activities she would never take part in as a result of the things she's witnessed as part of her vocation.

The video, posted by Lauren Eliza, also known by @lovee.miss.lauren on TikTok, has been viewed 5 million times, has 703,000 likes, and nearly 11,000 comments left by viewers quick to weigh in on Eliza's post.

It's sparking some serious debate on the social media platform.


Yes, I’m a little scarred. #mortician #ohno #ITriedItIPrimedIt #deathtok #embalmer #funeral #death #fyp #fypシ #funeraldirector #dark #lifeisshort

People had thoughts.




The 41 second TikTok began with Eliza on-screen with a faux background depicting a cemetery and a tombstone.

The text overlay read:

"Things I’ll never do bc I’m scarred".

Some of the activities the young mortician listed caught users by surprise while others received quite a few comments echoing her sentiments.

Some of the activities include riding a motorcycle, driving a motor home with Eliza referring to them as “big tin cans on wheels”, parasailing (an activity she has dubbed a death trap), sky diving and snowmobiling.

As the video continued, Eliza elaborated and said deaths caused by such activities are not new to her. She often “picks up” people who participated in these deadly actions in her line of work as a mortician.

Some TikTokers didn't feel the need to heed her warning, arguing being scared of such things makes Eliza boring or too scared to live.



Other commenters shared their own personal stories of loss, claiming that the activities Eliza outlined in her TikTok are on her list for good reason.





In a follow-up video, Eliza listed several more activities she refuses to take part in due to the number of deaths she's seen as a result.


Reply to @cdub_actual Tiktok this is educational. I toned it down… #mortician #funeraldirector #fyp #deathtok #death #DuetDoWet #emotionaldamage #tr

After watching these videos, it's safe to assume we'll all be a little bit more cautious the next time we venture out of our homes.