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Monica Lewinsky Epically Responds To Viral Risk-Reward Question Without Even Saying A Word

Monica Lewinsky Epically Responds To Viral Risk-Reward Question Without Even Saying A Word
David Crotty/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

Monica Lewinsky's witty and self-effacing good humor about her infamous past has made her one of the undisputed Queens of Twitter. And this week, she gave us a hilarious reminder of her talent for always having the perfect Twitter reply, all without a single word.

The popular Twitter account UberFacts shares videos and tweets of facts on a wide variety of topics as well as questions. The account recently tweeted out a question about the riskiest thing people have done that had the worst payoff.

There were lots of great answers to the tweet, but none held a candle to Lewinsky's.

With just a single emoji, Lewinsky took the prize from all other answers.

Her reply, of course, was a reference to the now infamous so-called "Lewinsky scandal" following the affair she had with former Democratic President Bill Clinton while she was an intern at the White House. The scandal and subsequent impeachment of Clinton consumed the country for years, often at Lewinsky's expense.

She was publicly blamed and excoriated in the press. Mocking her and her appearance became a late-night television mainstay.

At the time Lewinsky was 22 years old.

In recent years, Lewinsky has turned that legacy on its head, sharing her story in print and speaking engagements as a platform for activism against bullying in media and online.

But her perfect scandal-referencing twitter retorts could be considered a whole other career at which she excels.

Like this joke about the worst career advice she ever received.

And then there was this one, in response to comedian Sarah Cooper advising young people to get all their mistakes over with in their 20s so they'll be forgotten by the time they're older and wiser.

Turns out it doesn't really work like that in practice!

Much like those jokes, Lewinsky's latest wisecrack went viral.

Let this be a lesson to all of us.

Never take yourself too seriously.