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Mom Tattoos Her Son's Drawing Onto Her Arm Only To Make Hilariously Devastating Discovery


A mom went viral on TikTok for talking about the most meaningless tattoo they have ever gotten.

The video starts with the user @plgeonsandfrles saying:

"I was always told that tattoos should have meanings."
"So stitch this and show me your most meaningless tattoo."

One mom's response to that request has people laughing and commiserating.

Known on TikTok as @th3victorygarden, the mom—who uses they and them pronouns—revealed a tattoo on their bicep of a colorful cartoonish ghost figure and what looks like a tree.

Looking dead into the camera, they said:

"My son's friend drew this."
"I thought my son drew this."

And like a fine piece of art in a gallery, the caption read:

"Kevin, age 6, crayon"

A few people had similar incidents.






A commenter asked if they ever told Kevin's parents about the tattoo.

Looking to the camera, they shook their head and said:

"Kevin was first generation bilingual, so, no."

And they followed up with a reveal of the original art.

@th3victorygarden As promised, the original ❤️
♬ Peter Pan - The Disneylanders

Take this as a warning to check with your kids before getting anything permanent like a tattoo.

Unless you just really like their friend's artwork.