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Mitch McConnell's 'Person Of The Year' Award Prompts Backlash Against The Wrong Whole Foods

Mitch McConnell is one of America's most unpopular political figures, especially among liberals.

So when the Republican from Kentucky tweeted out a picture of himself on the cover of WholeFoods magazine, it prompted many outraged shoppers to announce they'd be boycotting their local Whole Foods market.

Unfortunately, these two organizations are not connected.

The article, which names Mitch McConnell its "Person of the Year" focuses on his contributions to the industrial hemp industry.

It opens by saying:

"Odds are, you have an opinion about the Republican Senator from Kentucky. Regardless of whether that opinion is positive or not, one thing is certain: Mitch McConnell has done a tremendous amount to influence the natural-products industry in 2019, and what he has set in motion will continue to impact this industry for a long time to come."

Many on Twitter, thinking WholeFoods magazine (which began publishing in 1984) was affiliated with Whole Foods Market (which was founded in 1980), announced they would be boycotting the store.

Unfortunately, Whole Foods market had nothing to do with the magazine.

They spent most of that evening sending out tweets alerting shoppers to that fact.

After a little time had passed, people began to catch on to their mistake.

Liberals felt silly for their earlier boycott calls.

For future reference: when organizing a boycott, step one should always be targeting the correct company.

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