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Minnesota GOP Gov. Candidate Banned From TikTok After 'Community Violations' Complaints

Minnesota GOP Gov. Candidate Banned From TikTok After 'Community Violations' Complaints
Scott Jensen/Twitter

A GOP gubernatorial candidate from Minnesota, Scott Jensen, got banned from TikTok after multiple community violations.

The complaints against Jensen came after he posted now viral videos spreading misinformation about the pandemic. These posts violated the social media platform's misinformation guidelines.

Jensen has gained public attention—reaching a whopping 280,000 followers in just over a month—from his conspiracy theories and critique of the government's pandemic response. The gubernatorial hopeful said he joined TikTok in an attempt to connect with millennial voters.

Not giving up on his social media misinformation campaign, Jensen took to Twitter posting a video on Thursday where he talked about the TikTok account take down.

You can watch the video below.

Jensen claimed his posts concerning a recent 60 minutes about Florida's vaccine program were removed and then he was "permanently banned without explanation."

In the video rant he said:

"It's really pretty confounding, but it sure feels like being canceled."

Responding to requests, a spokesperson for TikTok did confirm Jensen's account was removed and his posts violated the community guidelines on pandemic related misinformation.

In the past Jensen—a family physician turned politician—faced a complaint that challenged his medical license because of untrue statements and conspiracy theories regarding the pandemic, including claiming death tolls were inflated.

Jensen wrote to Axios saying:

"A complaint regarding [misinformation] regarding COVID-19 is so broad I don't know how to respond."

He added:

"It seems like anything that goes against the conventional mainstream might be construed as misinformation."

Twitter followers did not take kindly to the rant defending his misinformation.

Maybe Jensen needs to learn the difference between opinions and facts.