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'Glee' Co-Stars Come To Samantha Ware's Defense After She Calls Out Lea Michele's 'Traumatic Microagressions' On Set

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Now more than ever, any celebrity who has a history of racism is getting put on blast.

Even one Rachel Berry—actress Lea Michele—from TV's Glee.

After Michele posted a tweet in support of #BlackLivesMatter:

Samantha Ware—a co-star on the show in season 6 of Ryan Muphy's hit show Glee—called Michele out for making her life "a living hell" while she was on set.

Other stars quickly came to Ware's side to corroborate her story.


Even RuPaul's Drag Race star Willam Belli said Lea Michele was hard to work with.

Willam said Michele's behavior drove them off the set of Glee.

Several people had already mentally cancelled Lea Michele.

Former costar Alex Newell was among them.

Michele gained national attention in the mid-2000s after her role as Wendla in Spring Awakening on Broadway.

People's tolerance is low right now for false allies and people using the current national sentiment to get personal attention.