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Michigan Man Faces Life In Prison After Admitting He's The Serial 'Cascade Flasher' Who's Been Terrorizing People For Decades

Michigan Man Faces Life In Prison After Admitting He's The Serial 'Cascade Flasher' Who's Been Terrorizing People For Decades
Kent County Sheriff's Department

A man from Michigan has been charged with indecent exposure by a sexually delinquent person and aggravated indecent exposure after being caught half-nude outside of an apartment building.

He claims to be the alleged "Cascade Flasher" who originated in the late 1990's, and, if convicted, could face a sentence of life in prison.

54-year-old Steven Todd Pastoor was observed outside an apartment building last Wednesday in Kent County, naked from the waist down, peeking into windows.

The police followed him—observing his behavior—then arrested him in a parking lot nearby before he could begin strolling down the side of I-96.

Once arrested, Pastoor stated he exposed himself for years, claiming to be the notorious previously unidentified "Cascade Flasher."

Deputy Paul VanRhee said:

"He admitted to the repeated exposures dating back to the late 1990s."

The Cascade Flasher was witnessed in multiple counties in Michigan over the years, repeatedly exposing himself to individuals and small groups of people.

It was reported he knocked on windows to draw the attention of those inside, in order to touch himself inappropriately while they watched. He also appeared naked from the waist down in highly public places, like apartment complexes, busy streets and highways.

Pastoor's behavior when arrested last Wednesday is certainly a match for the Cascade Flasher's pattern.

Pastoor was listed as a suspect of flashing back in January, when a woman installed security cameras around her home and attained footage of him exposing himself on her property.

However, it was not confirmed that Pastoor was repeatedly exposing himself, let alone that he could be the Cascade Flasher, despite the similarities in behavior.

It also remains unclear why Pastoor admitted to the behavior now or if there was any ulterior motive for sharing the information.

If convicted, Pastoor could face as little as one day in jail and as much as a lifetime sentence.

Twitter was appalled by the man's behavior.

The Kent County investigators admitted finding the Cascade Flasher would be a tremendous relief. They had never experienced another individual who exposed themselves so frequently for so long.

It remains unclear if Pastoor is who he claims to be and if he will be convicted. Hopefully answers will come soon, allowing the Kent County community relief.