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Michigan GOP Refuses To Apologize After Absurdly Comparing Gun Reform To The Holocaust

Michigan Republican Party chairperson Kristina Karamo said the GOP of today is 'done' apologizing despite bipartisan backlash.

Kristina Karamo
Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Michigan Republican Party is facing fierce criticism after it posted social media messages that drew parallels between gun control and the Holocaust.

The posts have been labeled as insensitive, hurtful, and offensive, but the chair of the party, Kristina Karamo, has refused to apologize, saying that the GOP would not "run away" from its position.

The controversy started when the Michigan GOP posted a photograph of wedding rings collected from Holocaust victims during World War II.

The photo was accompanied by text that read, "Before they collected all these wedding rings...they collected all the guns," in what was seen as a jab at Democrats currently pushing for several gun reform bills in the Michigan Legislature.

You can see the Michigan GOP's tweet below.

Among the bills being advanced are those that would expand background checks for gun purchases and require gun owners to safely store firearms at home when children are present.

Lawmakers are also attempting to enact a "red flag" law that would allow a judge to temporarily limit access to guns for those who are deemed to pose an increased risk of harming themselves or others.

The posts immediately sparked backlash from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

Karamo, the chair of the Michigan Republican Party, defended the messages, saying that people get "way too offended." She also stated that the GOP would not apologize for its position and that it was time for the party to stop apologizing and running away from its beliefs.

She said:

“We’re a different Republican Party. We are not the Republican Party who apologizes and runs away from our positions."
"It’s a reason the Republican Party has gotten kicked in the teeth the last three cycles. Because it’s been a party that’s always apologizing. We’re done.”
“What amazes me is that people are troubled by drawing comparisons between historical events and current events. We love the phrase that history repeats itself. But yet when we point to history, somehow that’s controversial."
"I will not tolerate that. I will not apologize for that."

Many have called her and the Michigan GOP out as a result.

Karamo's refusal to apologize has sparked further criticism, with many lawmakers and other prominent figures labeling the posts as hateful and ignorant.

Rabbi Asher Lopatin, the executive director of the Jewish Community Relations Council, also weighed in, saying that referencing the Holocaust in this way showed a lack of sensitivity.

The Michigan GOP's messages have been called inappropriate and offensive by various individuals and organizations, including Matt Brooks, the CEO of the Republican Jewish Coalition, who said it "should be taken down immediately."

Despite the backlash, the party has doubled down on its stance, insisting that Democrats' efforts to disarm citizens are what's truly vile.

The controversy surrounding the Michigan GOP's posts highlights the ongoing debate over gun control in the United States. While many believe that stricter gun laws are necessary to prevent gun violence, others argue that such laws infringe on their Second Amendment rights.

Whatever the case may be, it is clear that drawing comparisons to the Holocaust is a deeply insensitive and hurtful tactic that has no place in political discourse.