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Michael Sheen Hilariously Roasts Trolls Who Think Neil Gaiman Wrote The 'Lord Of The Rings' TV Series

Michael Sheen Hilariously Roasts Trolls Who Think Neil Gaiman Wrote The 'Lord Of The Rings' TV Series
Tibrina Hobson/FilmMagic/Getty Images; Paula Lobo#1044029#51C ED/Getty Images

Twitter got quite confused when author Neil Gaiman snarked on Twitter about Tesla CEO's hatred of the new Amazon Prime prequel series Lord of the Rings: The Rings Of Power.

Immediately after tweeting about it, Gaiman was attacked with tons of trolling replies from defensive fanboys of Musk and other haters of the Amazon show raking Gaiman over the coals for the poor job he did in writing the TV series.

Problem is, he isn't involved in the show at all, and Gaiman's friend and colleague actor Michael Sheen was happy to let them all know with a pitch-perfect roast for the ages.

It all began when Musk criticized the Amazon series by saying Lord of the Rings author J.R.R. Tolkien was "turning in his grave" over how supposedly awful the series is. Despite it being the streamer's most popular original show ever, many have criticized its diverse casting as overly "woke."

When a Gaiman fan asked him what he thought of Musk's critique, Gaiman had a perfect shady response, basically saying Musk should stick to electric cars and rocket-ship vanity projects and leave the television to the television makers.

But all too many people on Twitter jumped to conclusions, assuming Gaiman wrote the Amazon series and was defending his work—and they were not happy about it, excoriating him for not listening to fans' critiques.

Gaiman ended up clapping back and clapping back hard, hilariously without ever clarifying that he's not involved in the series in any way.

He wrote:

"I'm so sorry. I have taken your hurt to heart and promise that I will no longer make any Lord of the Rings based television for any network ever."

LOLOLOLOL. And soon Sheen was chiming in too, keeping the joke going by also never making any clarification as to Gaiman's total lack of involvement with the show. He wrote:

"If you’re going to criticize the way Neil wrote LOTR you’ll have to go through me first. YOU SHALL NOT PASS! #IHaveNotYetBegunToFight"


Naturally, those in on the joke on Twitter found this all hilarious, including Gaiman himself.

And soon many were having a good laugh about the absurd situation.

Not everyone was laughing, though, as plenty of people still didn't get the point and replied to Sheen trying to set him straight—which of course only made the whole thing funnier.

If you were looking for examples of how to perfectly lampoon trolls, you can't really do better than Sheen and Gaiman!