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Right-wing Podcaster Ripped After Saying Condoms Are 'Kind Of Gay' In Rant About Contraceptives

Daily Wire podcaster Michael Knowles tried to claim that the 'Pride movement' started due to the rise in contraceptive availability during the 1970s.

Michael Knowles
The Michael Knowles Show/Daily Wire

Bad or good news, depending on your sensibilities--if you use condoms, you're gay. Just so you know!

At least, that's the situation according to far-right crackpot and The Daily Wire podcaster Michael Knowles, who claimed in a recent diatribe that condoms are "kind of gay" along with other ridiculous claims that have no basis in fact.

Knowles, you see, is very upset about 1965'sGriswold v Connecticut and 1972's Eisenstadt v Baird, the two landmark Supreme Court cases that guaranteed Americans' rights to contraception. He thinks that whole thing shouldn't be allowed.

And he doesn't think you should like contraceptives either, you see, because they make you gay, or something.

According to Knowles', the reason condoms are "kind of gay" is because the whole reason the LGBTQ+ Pride movement of the 1970s kicked off is because of the right to contraception.

This makes absolutely no sense since homosexual sex cannot, under any circumstances, result in pregnancy and queer people existed as long as hominids before 1972 as did condoms which date back to the Roman empire at least.

Knowles told his followers:

“I think a lot of people are beginning to notice that the contraceptive mentality is the beginning of the Pride mentality."
"The contraceptive mentality divorces sex from the consequences of sex. It introduces a sterile sexual ethic, which is exactly what gave us the Pride movement. There’s no distinction here."
"If you can’t read between the lines, the conclusion that one draws is… condoms are kind of gay."

Of course, this whole diatribe was all in service of calling for Griswold and Eisentstadt to be overturned just like Roe v Wade was last year with the SCOTUS' decision in Dobbs v Jackson Women's Health, because conservatives like Knowles have a deeply bizarre investment in other people's sex lives.

As you might guess, this didn't go over very well with the general populace given it's bigoted, fascistic and utterly nonsensical all in one go.

And naturally, Gay Twitter had a field day with this one.

So there you have it—men having sex with women is homosexual sex if there is contraception involved.

Right-wing politics sure are interesting.