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Michael B. Jordan Had Everyone On 'The View' So Thirsty That Even A Camera Operator Nearly Fell Over


There are few people on this planet whose gorgeous looks can stop people in their tracks with a simple glance.

Some can even have a mesmerizing effect on admirers and cause them to get light-headed enough to lose their balance.

Michael B. Jordan is a swoon-worthy actor who demonstrated such an allure when he made an appearance on Thursday's The View and even made a camera operator nearly fall forward.

When co-host Whoopi Goldberg introduced Jordan, the camera operator zoomed in on the Creed actor and appeared to have almost wiped out in front of him.

Jordan's torso went out of frame, and the actor's hands were seen quickly gesturing towards the crew technician as if making sure they were okay.

The temperature in the studio continued to rise as he made his way over to join the panel.

Joy Behar, who is not one to hold back, gushed over Jordan and she said she was “six months pregnant” just by looking at him.

She added:

“You know you’re not just a gorgeous guy. You know, like they say, he’s fiiiiine!”

The actor was there to promote his new film, A Journal for Jordan, which is based on a true story.

The romance memoir on which the film was based was written by Dana Canedy and is about her love story for First Sergeant Charles Monroe King (played by Jordan)–who kept a journal for his newborn son while deployed in Iraq.

But anything relating to the movie was the furthest thing from everyone's minds over on Twitter.

A Journal for Jordan was directed by Denzel Washington and will be released by Sony Pictures Releasing on December 25, 2021.

Based on reactions to Jordan's appearance on The View, Christmas can't come soon enough.