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Melania's Viral Reaction After Turning Away From Trump During World Series Appearance Says It All

Melania's Viral Reaction After Turning Away From Trump During World Series Appearance Says It All

The internet has been left in hysterics after yet another video surfaced of former First Lady Melania Trump seeming disgusted by her husband, former Republican President Donald Trump.

The now-viral clip came from the Trumps' appearance at a World Series baseball game over the weekend. Like several viral clips before it, the video showed the former First Lady all smiles until she turned away from the camera, whereupon she seemed unable to contain her disdain for her husband.

And the internet was basically like, "Yeah same."

See the clip below.

Melania Trump has become famous on the internet for a series of moments when she's been caught on camera letting her seeming disgust for her husband slip through her usual veneer.

The first and perhaps most infamous came on Donald Trump's very first day as President, at his 2017 inauguration, when Melania Trump's face seemingly in an instant went from a big smile to a bone-deep frown the moment the former President turned his face from hers.

Then of course, there is the laundry list of times Donald Trump has tried to hold his wife's hand and she was basically like, "DON'T TOUCH ME," like this clip from 2018 during a visit with French President Emmanuel Macron.

And who could forget the Trumps' last day as President and First Lady, when they walked off their plane for a phalanx of television cameras and Melania just... kept walking.

Then of course there was this past Valentine's Day, where the former First Lady tweeted several times without ever mentioning her husband.

On Twitter, of course, people ate up this all-too-relatable moment of dislike for the former President.

However, both Trumps received equal ire for their decision to participate in the "tomahawk chop."

Melania Trump's personal distaste for her husband seems to go further than frowns and eyerolls.

According to a CNN report in September, the former First Lady has "no intention" of participating if her husband makes good on his threats to run for President again in 2024.