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Viral Video Of Melania Walking Away From Trump As Soon As Her Duties Ended Says It All

Viral Video Of Melania Walking Away From Trump As Soon As Her Duties Ended Says It All
ABC News

As Democratic President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have taken office, scores of people have expressed joy at the idea of moving on and leaving former Republican President Donald Trump in the past.

And that group seems to include former First Lady Melania Trump too, if the last bit of footage of the Trumps as the First Couple is any indicator.

Instead of pausing to wave at the cameras with her husband during their final photo op, the former First Lady simply walked away without a moment's hesitation, ignoring everyone—her husband included.

And the clip has the internet screaming.

The moment was captured just after Air Force One landed in Palm Beach, Florida near the Trumps' Mar-a-Lago resort, where they will live now that their term is over.

It was, perhaps, a fitting coda to Donald Trump's Presidency.

After becoming the first President in American history to skip the inauguration of his successor, Trump wanted to create a spectacle by drawing a huge crowd to attend his departure from joint base Andrews after leaving the White House. He even went so far as to allow each ticket holder to bring five guests to the event.

Instead, virtually no one showed.

CNN's Jim Acosta called the crowd, which included Trump's family, five White House staffers, former Press Secretary Sean Spicer and the usual phalanx of security and news media, "definitely the smallest crowd size of the Trump presidency." Even Trump's own Vice President Mike Pence opted instead to go where the real power was, Joe Biden's inauguration.

So what better ending for that embarrassing non-spectacle than the former First Lady, having swapped the somber black suit she wore at Andrews for a flashy Gucci caftan, sauntering off the plane and disappearing out of frame without even acknowledging her husband's existence?

And on Twitter, people relished the moment with jubilant schadenfreude.

In his final speech, Trump vowed that we'd still be seeing more of him in the future, and he has hinted both at a second presidential run in 2024 and at starting a new third political party.

It seems perhaps he'll be flying solo on those ventures if his final moments as President are any indication.