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Melania Was Having None Of Trump Trying To Hold Her Hand As They Arrived In The UK In Yet Another Awkward Moment Caught On Camera

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump's relationship is often the subject of much public scrutiny, especially during those rare moments when they appear at public events together.

All too often, things seem to be less than perfect in paradise.

Over the first two years of Trump's Presidency, news outlets have captured countless embarrassing moments of awkwardness between the couple. As the Trumps arrived in the UK for their visit this Monday, the cameras captured another.

Before seeing the most recent, here are a few greatest hits between the President and the First Lady:

In the past, Melania has gone to great lengths to avoid holding the President's hand...

...and this past weekend was no different! News cameras captured the entire awkward exchange.

As before, President Trump reached out to take Melania's hand.

After an uncomfortable moment, she took it away to fix her hair, then never lowered it back down to her side.

Twitter couldn't help but cringe through their laughter.

Many women on the internet had used the same trick in the past.

That Melania doesn't want to hold the President's hand is obvious to everyone...except the President.

Some Twitter users even felt bad for the President...for just a fleeting moment.

Perhaps Melania just isn't one for public displays of affection.

Then again, many women on Twitter knew how they'd feel if Trump was trying to grab their hand.

Sorry, President Trump, it seems that day just wasn't your day. Maybe next time, tiger!