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Viral Video Of A Man's Painful Attempt At Showing Off His Jumping Skills Gets Roasted With Memes


If you've ever considered videoing yourself in an attempt to do a slam dunk just for the internet clout, may we offer you a cautionary tale?

A new viral video shows a man really giving it his all—in slow-mo, no less—trying to dunk at a driveway basketball hoop, only to colossally wipe out and end up flat on his back.

And naturally, the internet is now having tons of fun at his expense.

The video went viral on Twitter after being posted by former basketball player Rex Chapman.

Chapman gave the video the caption "White men can't jump," in reference to the 1992 movie of the same name featuring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson as a pair of street-ball hustlers.

The caption was all too apt.

Because unlike Chapman, a former NBA player for the Charlotte Hornets, Washington Bullets, Miami Heat and Pheonix Suns, the man in the video wiped out in spectacular fashion as his feet hit a patch of wet pavement on his way to his dunk.

For a moment the man's face remained so calm it almost seemed like he might recover and complete his shot. But then his feet promptly flew out from under him and sent him airborne before he went crashing down on his back with a cringe-inducing impact.

The video first appeared on the Twitter account @HolyCow_Inc before blowing up on Chapman's page.

Where it originated and who the man in the video is remain mysteries, but suffice to say, the man's spectacular wipeout has left quite an impression. It's been viewed nearly half a million times as of this writing.

It has also spawned no shortage of jokes and laughter at the poor guy's expense.

Here's wishing both this man's coccyx and his ego a speedy recovery.