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Guy Is Tired Of Going To Gym And Not Seeing Results—So He Gets A Six-Pack Tattooed On His Belly

Guy Is Tired Of Going To Gym And Not Seeing Results—So He Gets A Six-Pack Tattooed On His Belly

Some people hear the phrase "Work smarter not harder" and think of it as a funny anecdote regarding work habits.

Others hear the phrase and take its meaning a little too literally.

A TikToker is going viral after realizing the solution to attaining his dream body was not through conventional methods. Instead, he took a more artistic approach to address the situation and TikTok is eating it up.

Tattoo artist Dean Gunther (@dean.gunther) is enjoying his moment in the spotlight. It is a well deserved moment given the events that precipitated his rise to social media fame.

When a young man was tired of attending the gym religiously only to be disappointed by the lack of results he hoped for, the anonymous man sought the tattoo artist out to remedy the situation.

Voila, Insta-Abs:


Reply to @user245456790 this 6 pack tattoo is in fact real. added a video while I'm tattooing him. don't hate bro#6packtattoo#tattoo#tattooart#3dtattoo#anythingforalaugh#whoneedsgym

In the 21-second video, Gunther revealed the client enlisted his special skillset to get a chiseled six-pack tattooed on his stomach.

Not surprisingly, the unusual request garnered the attention of the TikTok community.

People are flabbergasted by what they're seeing.





Since being posted four days ago, the TikTok has been viewed nearly 900,000 times, received 23,000 likes and had almost 1,200 comments.


The brief video began with the client having the stencil of the six-pack placed on his stomach.

Viewers can also see a comment stitched over the video which read "He is defo fooling us."

Dean replied to a user's comment in the caption of the video, writing the tattoo was real.

As the video progressed, viewers saw the client calmly laying on Dean's tattoo table as he receives the six-pack of his dreams. By the end of the video, viewers are able to see the finished product.

As the client proudly displayed Dean's handiwork, text appeared on the screen that read, "Mr. Olympia, here we come."



In response to an inquiry from The Sun, Dean told the interviewer, "I had seen really bad ones attempted before. Because I specialise in colour realism I wanted to give it a go. I thought it would be funny as hell."



Whether you're for or against the tattoo, the client will now have the six-pack of his dreams for the rest of his life.